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Fermin J. Serna

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I cannot recommend @Summercon enough! My talk went fine... hope it was entertaining and message delivered.
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During the last few months I have been researching Adobe's Flash
vulnerabilities ranging from type confusion vulnerabilities, AS3 API
vulnerabilities (CVE-2012-0769), sandbox escapes (CVE-2012-0724 &
CVE-2012-0725), etc.

I am pleased to announce the release of part of this research. In this
case, the below linked document will focus on an already patched
vulnerability. "CVE-2012-0769, the case of the perfect info leak" goes
in detail from root cause analysis to a fully reliable, quick and
multi-platform exploitation of the vulnerability.

Source code:
SWF file:


Fermín J. Serna

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Medical expenses are insane in this country... did I pay for one delivery or the acquisition of the entire hospital?
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Family++ future_pwner++ :)
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MIPS Android 4.0 tablet for 99 USD? Hw for playing with MIPS...again... I want!
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