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Love it now, hate it later!!!
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that's one BIG muscle!
wow, isn't she mighty strong !
"yeah hi can i get a..... mcfatty fat n large blubber? thank you!"
hahahaha wow i guess she is really loving it!!!! omg thats really gross though
not really addict to it... so i dunt have to worryy... :)
McDonalds (in my opinion) is disgusting. Just imagine how many preservatives are in that food. It's all fake.
just work it off after u eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's not that hard
This photo should be on all their super-sized items - lol
um does any one think thats disturbing
Eating too much of anything will do that to you. :P
I guess that wz my problem...i had to many happy meals as a well at least i am staying away from micky D's now.
It's not the food, it's the people who eat it.  I've eaten at McD's for years, even before my children were grown and I'm still a size 8.  Don't overindulge.
That is sooooo nasty!!!!! 󾮠󾮠󾮠󾌪󾌪󾌪
That's a heart attack that's already happened.
Husna A
Lol, this is true. Mcdonals is yuk. 
Lol, you can always get one of their salads^^
Almost looks shopped???
ikr i wish ppl didnt eat there i m not gonna eat there ethier im only 13
i dont get it
I do believed that if you live with Mc Donalds, that is your future, kkkk
is that all meal going in her arm ...
I am amazed that the logo is so clear...
+ Jackson Bender
its true though . mcdonalds is awesome BUT IT MAKES U FAT AND UNHEALTHY 
Eeeeewwww thats y do not eat Jks ;-)
Nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vomits in corner
ewww!!!! i might not eat Mcdonalds EVER agian!!
ahh... Thants fucked up .. but you know shit happens..
yup get yo fat on its not right but its true
Ewww that's fat???!!!! GROSS!! 
you guys are just being dramatic you know what the hell stuff like mcdonalds does to you wtf why act all scared and dramatic over the internet but in reality your eatin a mother fukn big mac right now haaha(:
easy to say, hard to do~~

You guys are fucking stupid as shit, you take a look at a fat person and think "that guy eats too much", which in many cases isn't true, a lot of people have metabolism problems, some have big bones, and most aren't fat from food itself but from the lack of exercise. Quit criticizing people for the way they look, that's called being shallow as fuck,  you act as if they can't see their own weight, and act as if they are the only ones who have defects..Grow up or gtfo of here...
Oddly enough I grew up in the 90's and we probably ate Mcdonalds once a week, along with pizza, hot pockets, Hawaiian punch (water was sacrilegious in our house), coke, Doritos, and every other nameable junk food. The thing is I survived it, and I was never overweight.I'm healthier than I've ever been actually. Obviously I don't eat like that now I can't stand junk food and surely my children don't eat like that, my point is there are other factors to consider with the "obesity" issue.
i wonder how much mc donalds u have to eat to look like that?
Omg, thanks, I swear I will never pop into McDonald's for a snack...
that's gonna be me in 15 years if i don't keep getting my weight down, lost half a stone this wk alone the ingredients r working
omg good for you wish i could do that
that's like a no gross not cool man not cool she needs to go on I diet like a McDonalds diet
it's NOT always about mcd's or any other fast food. some people have other medical issues that cause weight gain, issues that make it extremely difficult to lose weight as well. i know over weight people that don't even eat that much but they are the size they are - metabolism & thyroid issues can cause drastic weight gain. mcd's IS GROSS but to just ALL overweight folk, saying they eat too much fast food(mcd's) is just down right rude, disrespectful & wrong!! have you heard of 'karma'? well, it comes around & turns you into whatever you make fun of! i'd be careful if i were you. you do NOT have to eat a ton of crappy fast food to become obese!
Reminds me of a person i know that goes there almost every week. cough cough
I Work w/a gentlemen 5 days a week, he's an Aquired Brain Injured client. This guy eats @McDee's 2-3'xs a week this has been going on 4 2yrs. Everyone has been on him about it 4 just that long. He would literally talk madd shit of anyone gets on his big dumb-ass about it. Plus, he has case manager that don'nt 'TRY' 2 take the time 2 'Warn' him he's a walking-ticking-time bomb!!!

Only if u dont work it off
thats funny but maybe later it wil be the true if you eat it evryday.
just have to work it off through out the day then u wont be like that;)
ya but is it worth it?
did i look like i wanted to see that?
but if some one wil eat it evryday and jest sit and sit he wil be like that, and it isn't good for your healt if you wil eat it evryday BAD FOTR HEALT!!!!!!!!!
Thats just mean;\
like for an add or something you know!
Watch out Chris! This could be you!!
Ha ha ha I really like that one it is so true at the same time 
Ew not strong at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EEWWWW THATS GROSE thats what micdonalds will do to you if you eat it to often
really! That made me ill. Why would anyone want to take a picture of that? 
good things iv'e got long legs to run all THAT off
never liked mcdonalds never will. unhealthy!
If you saw the last Saturday Night Live I Luv The McDonalds Skit ^o^
It's a shame people let themselves get like this. The only people who deserve to eat McDonalds are the people who can burn it off that same day like athletic people or people with high metabolism. People who have no metabolism, lazy people, and people with aliments like high blood pressure or are on heart medication should not step one foot in a McDonalds. 
Yikes!! I wonder how many Big Macs and milkshakes can I devour to have that killer killer arms. :)
It's the lift a quarter pounder exersize, looks like it's working.
that's why the hand s like is that
They need to make posters and put them in m McDonald's windows, that will inform people
i think im  gonna puke, anyway just weighed myself again n ive lost another 1lb thats 8 in a week, yheey, nearly there
tru that...luks lyke they done ate 2 much mcdonalds freal freal...
Jay Bee
@ ashley vazquez umm its not just eating alot its just fast food carries alot of fat and stuff like that i may be wrong correct me so I know my mistakes but i think that's mostly it.
Jay Bee
umm i wont be here to see anyone's reply so yeah sorry im doing stuff...
now I'm never gonna go to mcdonalds
Doin the quarter pounder lift at McWorkout world
she might nit even be fat ni more she might be ......... fluffy with a over weights perons arms because it is in fact kinda hard to lose arm fat 
This is why i dont eat fast food especially micdonalds
I don't know, it looks like a super imposed photo.
Not if you need glasses at first glance, but if you look closer it's fake.
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