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This is my observation...people have so many expensive nice and cool things, but they are often angered mad or depressed...others have nothing at all(only each other)and yet they are still verry happy!
im older than tht 10 year old and i hav none of those. those parents are setting him up for failure.
+Kevin Yin haha, yes, I 15 & only have a cell phone and the only reason that i have one is because im at a highschool!
You would have to be pretty old for that to be true.  Game consoles and gaming computers have been around for like 40 years.
I say you can be a lot happier without any of those, I mean think about it! You need to spend a lot of money and you might lose or damage it and AAHH!
We did not had the money to get that kind of stuff, and I was happy playing outside. Be happy with what you can afford !! My cousin had an atari, it was fun....
Edit - LOL - All I had was outside - all my son is allowed is Outside - he can have that crap whn i trust him and he can pay for it just like my parents instilled in me.  
hahahah sumscribe to my youtoube channel youll see stuff like this
So true lolz, but I see your point and in my opinion, being on the computer and stuff is better because I get to talk to my friends and family AND play games and be actually entertained at the same time.
Leeks K
im 13 and i wish i lived near a forest to use the wood for weapons to play with im not ur typical texter with a blackberry
Leeks K
so wat that ur 11
LMFO that's trueeeeee so trueeeee
True. With the city and property sizes getting smaller and tighter, what the hell can you do?
i didn't get an ipod til i was 14 and i still don't have a computer
I'm 11, I don't have a laptop but an iPad, not an iPod but an iPhone, I have Facebook but not a blackberry, but is still play OUTSIDE ;)
Is good to live in good atmosphere with poor live in ur house and entertain with what will make you happy than going outside
spoiled children these days
im 11 too and have a laptop, no facebook, no ipad or ipod, and i have a blackberry but still the outside is my # 1 thing to do!!!!!!
I am 11 and I agree I know a kid who is 6 and has an iPad,iPod, Laptop and a desktop computer
hhahahhahahahahhahahaah omg lol xoxoxoxo
Seriously put all that down and go play outside like a child should. I miss that age!
but that is how things are now. I am fourteen and i dont have fcebook or a phone or any of that stuff.
i am in my double digits. i have an ipod but no facebook! i will be getting one when i am older
hahaahahahaahaahahhahah xoxoxoxoxo
nope noyt me tho so HAHAHA
Right,a kids imagination was so cool that we made a game out of sticks
Up trees, through back alleys, up on roofs, playing hide and seek, walking everywhere....we had a blast, our parents had to yell to find us and get us back inside....
I still love doing that! We just don't do it as much!:) But it's still really fun to play outside!
So very true...reminds me of Louis c.k's sitcom when his daughter kept telling him she was bored.. so funny...and said 
I hear where your coming from no sympathy from me!!
But some years later , today's children will think like this about today's technology too !
Alexa B
When I was 10 I had an imagination and the outdoors
I dont have a facebook or a blackberry phone, but I have a intensity 2 phone. And Google+ is like facebook........ soooooo yeah
well... i had a soccerball and basketball and FRIENDS!
is only a madman that knows d spirit of madness * computer tins on my mind#
i only share a laptop with my sis.
No its not when I was 10 I had a xbox laptop blackberry facebook an ipod xbox live call of duty so its not true
well you can't blame us we lived and were raised up in technology so that's what we learn we do WE ARE YOUNG
True for meh. Minus Facebook and blackberry. I have google+ and and iPhone 
I forgot to mention my iPad iPod Nd Xbox and wii
i hav facebook ps vita ps3 and iphone 4s
+Brian Allen what game console was around in 1972/3? pong/ atari didn't come out till the late seventies so 40 years is a bit of a stretch there bud.
im 14 and i always here my mom saying GO OUTSIDE!
What did you do when it was below zero???
i don't need electronics to liv my life
The good old days, nothing but playing outside any kind of sports right after school and getting grounded for not doing homework👍
Thats true it was outside playing all the game's you can thank of 
good old days when there wasn't 99% of people with their faces in their phone sceen 24\7
Oh happy days, now its not safe for kids to roam as we once did.
to bad its not back N the day anymoreeeeeeeee.. 
reminds me of the comercial for the portable receiver for the tv
I didnt even have that- as my mother was worried about I picking up words she didnt consider appropriate--, I had my sister and she had me to play with.
Mark P.
Bull. I had a Commodore 64 and a Sega Genesis.
Mark P.
Also, what 10 year old has any desire for a Blackberry? They want an iPhone or Android.
mines name was Buck, he was a 1800lbs barrel chested buckskin horse, miss that beast.
You definitely become more sociable being outside,
Outside is a much better thing to do instead of being inside all the time.
Outside is a much better thing to do instead of being inside all the time.
i remember those days and i am only 13
yaugh cause you can get active and a lot of excersize!!
i love to hide in the woods by my dads house sometimes and play with our horse Blue
exactly i had to wait till i was 12 till i got a fb i dont even have a phone
I am 14 and don't have any of those!
Not only outside. We were also given a device that required you to use your legs to power and would take you far into the outside and away from you parents for hours on end. 
Oh God! I miss this device SO O Much!
That is very true.  And I am only 13. lol. I still don't have a laptop. :(
I still don't have a laptop...or an iPod...or a Facebook....
And you had these fascinating things called "board games". I'm sure many of the little children these days don't understand the meaning of the word.
True story.
that is so true, they need to slow down on the technology for a while!!
Ce Ga
Nat Cin
yes someone who understands
Ikr mom and dad didnt have all that money
When I was 10 I had Pokémon and my friends.

Good times.
please my mama got me a trackphone for christmnas and  10
but thats because i walk to home alone
+faith aisogun And you've obviously learned a great deal about grammar and spelling with your embracement of technology at an early age.
L LeDuc
When I was 10 I wanted to play my gameboy
EXACTLY!!Im only 11,but people these days spoil,there kids,and when they get older there're gonna act a fool.
So true lol
Dam its hard when u dont jave ur phone connected
lmbo that was really funny did not see that comming
Kids these days don't even have scares on there legs
Hi, my name is jessica. So, whats your name?
Adults these days can't even spell in their comments
true they need to go ahead with their self's
it was fun playing outside
If the children where taught like we were in the 60/70's world would be different
Hey i'm 14 and well... all i have is a desktop and a phone so nm..
IKR! gotta work off those potato chips!
Since this hasn't been true since around the 1950's (tv and radio), just how old are you?
were you poor and lived in a remote area of the arctic circle?  because when i was 10 we all had video games and toys.  sorry. 
yeah today it is winter tennessee and 77 degrea so when my mom is done shopping i am going to go hang out with friends
awesome it is just now getting warm in North carolina!
Welcome to my world al i have is a ds and a computer that were barly aloud to use& outside but its been muddy out
im 11 and i dont have a facebook my sisters th one who got me a gmail and shes 13
i only have an i pod and it is pasted down a bit broken has tiny screen one of the first one to be made and it is super tinytiny 
Well when I was ten I had a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and a Computer.
i had roller skates and a bicycle :) ....and a sk8board XD
when i was 10 in the  80s.. everyone had a nintendo or at least an atari - and if you didn't one of your friends did.  the concept of only having the outside is rediculous.... what did you play with? sticks and rocks?  did you eat berries for breakfast too?
Dude.... I'm 12 and everyone has everything u said.... EXCEPT FOR ME!!!....... Actually I do have an iPod, with a calling and texting app, and I share a laptop with my mom...... IT'S ALL GOOD!
NO kidding! I'm only fourteen and I don't have any of those things!
bro my cous is 8 she has a phone laptop i pod i pad facebook and more
look peeps tell mii to go outside and i say wat????
haha that is so me i have all that stuff thanks grandma m+m (m and m) for giveing me all that stuff
i dont think that's really funny
Seriously, whos parents buy them that stuff. Thats like 5000 dollars right there. My family computer btoke down so im down to using my moms phone. I dont have a phone, a facebook, and i dont have a laptop. The only thing i have that is techi. I only have a wii with 2 games and a gmail!!! Im 11!!!!!
And when you were 10 years old, people who said "When I was your age" was 70 year old bitter people who couldn't accept the fact that the world is changing.
Gwen C
thats funny. i hve all of those stuff and outside
I had books.  There was always a book attached to my hand. :)
Gwen C
books and me were always freinds though
feeling old are
i am 11 and I have a laptop Facebook and Ipod and Samsung phone
Dude, NO ONE has a Blackberry anymore. That's like 3 years old. Its iPhone and Android all the way!
tots agree look our whole world is technology and no one ever plays outside anymore yesterday i was on a run and i saw a little boy playing on his swingset and i just thought i remember when i was little which was only a couple years ago cause i am 11 but i still remember those days
just look what we are coming too as a world
I know right like nine year olds have iPhones and laptops and iPad I don't even have one of those things and I'm a teen
Ha ha my nephew is one and has all that. And you had to wait till ur 10... get with the times 
i would blame it on technology but it wouldn't be fair
Gwen C
i do. but im 12
i'm felling you bro i am 13 and only have a laptop and still don't have a facebook or a blackberry so i will give u a shoutout
Boy that's the truth!!! And, it was fun too.
ikr im 11 to! but im like the joke i dont have no ipad no phone no laptop  i have a housephone i have my mom ipad i have a family computer! shame wright?
I have every I thing it is and a laptop and more
so just buy your stuff yourself thats what i did and i have a phone an i touch a macbook and a ipad do yourself thats what i have learned at a young age 11
Not to troll - but did anyone see out of the 100s of comments from 10-12 year old kids who have this?!? RIDICULOUS!! 
technology is our whole world and then school and activitys this is what us kids grew up with and its all we know its not our fault you brought this upon us
Time is changing !!!!
Back Then in the 90's I had a barbie and the outside which was great to me.  
kids get these to easy its just an easy way so there parents dnt have to keep them entertained at that age they should b out with friends playin 
I love it - but you forgot that we did have lincoln logs.  Also, there were really good shows on t.v. then and we did not have cable - does anyone else remember we only had up to channel 13 and you had to spend so much time adjusting the two antennas on top of your t.v. it was hardly worth it.  Oh - and our high tech video game - PING - wow that was really exciting.
well hey im 13 and all i got is a lame desktop mostly used for school work so its not all kids
Yeah!! So true and so sad!!
yea not a blackberry or a facebook and im not 10...
Yeah besides not everyone has the money 4 thechnology I mean I had to buy my old ipod shuffle and it teaches you the value of people when u dont have a lot of matereal stuff I know a lot of people who are more selfish than satan (figuratively) because they live w8th technology in the center of their lives
so true, i should take away my kids "networks" and send them outside and say played liked mommy palyed when i was ur age hahahaha
Yes i remember. We went outside and played freeze tag in the backyard. We rode bikes up and down the street. Played jacks and jumped rope. Your phone was two paper cups and a string. LOL. Then came atari and we played tv tennis.
This was Funny made me Laugh out Loud.Good Joke but Sooo very True😉
The outdoors was great, we played cowboys and indians, hide and seek etc. Climbed trees and swung on ropes. I spent most of my childhood outdoors.
Lol! I tell my kids that everyday! Haha! 
OMG thts hilarioussss!!!
thats da good thing about it u got outside too
im ten and have a laptop email and a phone also a wii
that is true like they should not be having a fcebook ar a phone but the can have a lap top and by the wayh not to be mine but that joke was not funny it wasTRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm 10 and i dont have any of that but i do have email
well ok then most kids!!! but if 1day you r lucky enough to get them u will
prob appreciate them more
well i;m 12 and my toy is an apple ipod... it only play's music
I totally agree.. but i am a kid, lucky me!!
I felt lucky to have black and white TV when I was 10.
Seriously! Its sad how addicted to electronics kids are now a days.
We have electricity when I was 6 years old,now I'm 18. We never know what is internet until I started high school
i had ds and legos back then and thats all i needed
my family used to watch those Black and White tv using batteries
technology dominates now
Outside still has waaaaay more things to offer :P come on... Outside gave us all this technology!! :) 
Omg soo true my bros five and his fav toy to play with is a kindle fire and my fav toy was a Dora doll
don't you have other more funny jokes?
yup, same.  2 more comments until 500!
When I was 10, I had swing set and a older brother. My childhood was awesome! :D
ture that but im 10 and im spoiled the death
i think u can do more than 500 now
I'm 10 I have a iPhone iPad laptop iPod 
Instagram Google plus snap chat 
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