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Carla S
Perfect!  That is me!
Extremely boring. Idk who would want to be normal anyway! ; )
lol on google+ in science not  supposed 2 be
lol, I never try to be normal. Just hides who I am. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to hang out with me, or look at me, or talk to me! :D
nice joke...but it is really true
Sara D.
my life story :P
Me and my friends all the time. Who would want to be normal anyways? haha^-^
If am nt drunk,i wil b normal
I was born lost and lovn it
Just a discription of me
I've seen this before
Love it!!  I've spent a big part of my life, hating myself, because I wasn't "perfect" or "normal".  But, in the end... I can only be me, whether it's "right" or not.  Sayings like this, kind of let me know that it's okay to be me. :)
Hello, I am human just an ordinary man i am from gods heaven and in gods hell.... ,'¬)
If you use your imagination to look at your challenge and be carefull what you ask you will see how it feels to you emotionaly it will change depending on your point of view, if you can't work it out it will come to you by way of... a idea from the unconcious mind (intuition)
 when you stop thinking about it, the less clutered your mind is and the quicker you can clear your mind of all thougts the more spontianious your intuition will be and then you will know without logic or reason, We can't change the past. But we can change how we look at it. And this will change the way we feel about it .. and in a way this will change our past, as we will no longer remember it with pain, anger, regret or guilt, but with understanding, compassion and love...i am human i know there is only one race and that is human and i know we are all gods children we each have a heart and we each have a soul and god loves each of us the same so in gods hell though a dissmal place there is a smile on every face if you can see hell in this way you will be in heaven and you will know your self.... ,'¬)
lol dont know u but stll LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL I SOUL DO THAT
This is me most of the time lol :-D
Yeah, but what happens but when you are made fun of?
U have 2 stand up 4 ur self
I couldn't last more than 5 minutes!  lol
you know u dnt have to be perfect everyday like u know some people like to thats rediciously boaring
Jenna L
that  is the same with me
life is too interesting and beautiful without ordinary moments...normal isn't natural.
i love being me ;)
ahahha i luv this :)
that sounds like something my 4th grd teacher would say
i have a pic on instagram @crazysoccerplayahb5 of that
i just stoped trying to be normal. lol
soooooooo me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sounds like someone I know
Ya nobody can be normal because really it does not exist so I'm myself and I think thats awesome !!!!!:)
Its a good thing were not all alike. That would really be boring.
I never pretend to be normal..... for that same reason
i'm never normal, i'm a wierd person
none is normal we are all wierd in our wierd way
we are also stupid in our stupid ways
defenition of me :)
I have said this for a while, it's my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heck!! i cant help it. im always me!! lol
Some one is just like me!!! YEAH!!!!?
i don't even bother pretending to be normal anymore....takes too much thought i'm just me :) 
I tried being normal once... it backfired really badly
yeah i just will always be myself
Better to be incredibly ridiculous than incredibly boring.
agree...just be our own self....
Normal is overrated. :P thats why i swim against the crowd. While everyone wears white, i wear black. 
That's true to everybody☺
it is know fun being normal
lol luv ur pofile pic and this whatever this is
That not u do what makes u feel gd. Just long u dont hudt yourself or others 
no fun being normal... just be ur self thats wht people love u for and wht u should love urself for
no i didnt mean anyone in pertickular i was just saying
That's exactly the way I feel, I'am learning thats its better to b myself
Karen K
I just like to pretend to be someone else other thn myself.   Being me day in and day out get boring.... this way i can be whatever i want, and that makes me smile!!
Yeah I agree just be your self people just like you by that more you
u gotta be urself or u will ose ur self
same for me, if I try to be normal, I burst out being weird :P
yes otherwise they dont know who u really r
this is the real thing in life i need to work on
yeah but ull get there just work on in
Ís Cheddars resturant still in west Des moines
that is definitely me
so me i hate being normal im sooo weird and i know it
Me tooooo but cnt itd tooooo much of everything
i lost my my best friends at sea..... WILSON.
Soo true or when u pretend to be like one of ure friends and then u notice being like her it sooo fucken boring 
I know I'm normal!! The voices tell me I am!
Kata Li
how did you know?
A long time ago I would die to be perfect but now I know being perfect is boring<3
i could never try to be normal even if i had to
its not me
But everyone's normal in their own way...
That joke is so cute,& funny and best part of all it fits me to a tee.
cool how old is your sister laniece brown??
Normal is so...NORMAL, Normal takes the 'good edge' off everything.
That's why it gets boring coz you are pretending,just be you and find your true entertainment 
Hi Ye all great names Ye have first time on google 
that's something many people i know would say. Including me!
Which is just not being so tense all day!!'
soooo me love it!!

last comment!!! whooo!!!
TThat is soooooo me!lol♡♡♡ :D Tween Cutie
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