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Done by When
A forward-thinking to-do list to manage tasks and expectations
A forward-thinking to-do list to manage tasks and expectations


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Want to be (more?) productive in 2013? Check out this video on The Science of Productivity - sounds like our app will help you!

Happy New Year! Don't overwhelm yourselves with too many resolutions, keep things simple and manage your own expectations.

To say thanks to our early testers, you've just been given a complimentary Pro Account for 90 days! Enjoy :)

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Anything you want to add to this to-do list ? Happy nearly weekend!

Google @app_engine is down for some reason, which means we are too (along with a large chunk of the Internet). Back soon we hope.

Try clicking on your DBW project labels today...we think you'll like it :)

We've been tuning the Done by When engine. Should be even quicker now! Expect more upgrades soon

Done by When with Friends is live! Like Words with Friends but more productive ;)

It's a new week and a new month! Hello October :) What do you hope to achieve this month?

Nearly the weekend! What are your plans? Do you have a to-do list? Or do you just use them for work?
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