Hope springs eternal, and I never cease to pour the water of my workload into the leaky bucket of productivity systems that never quite work.

Several months of failing hideously at implementing Getting Things Done, for about the fifth time in as many years, and I'm realizing that a system that has a binary failure pattern isn't going to work for me.

The issue with GTD is that if you don't get your weekly review in, then it all falls apart. And I never can get my weekly review in. There's no halfway house with GTD.

I'd be willing to sacrifice a little peace of mind-like-river for a system that worked without make me block out a couple of hours each week.

There are a couple of GTD-lite schemes I've heard of, Zen to Done (ZTD) and the very minimalist Monk to Done, which I link below. I'm going to try "Monk" and see how it goes, but I'm open to hearing about other schemes.

They just need to fail gracefully for personality types that seem unable to carve out a couple hours each week.
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