Food shopping in the US, a Brit's view

A discussion with +Pete Warden led me to think of the ways in which I've done my best to shop for food in the US as I did in the UK. Specifically, Northern California. There's not a lot to it, but here goes:

Trader Joe's offers the most similar experience to UK supermarkets, in terms of the range of foods that it stocks. By which I mean a decent clutch of Indian and Asian foods.

Cost Plus stocks some of those harder-to-find items from home, Marmite, McVities and so on.

Our local farm store, Andy's, has fresh, good cheap fruit & veg: pretty similar to visiting a street market in the UK. The quality of fruit & veg in general run-of-the-mill stores where I am is depressing (I'm looking at you, Safeway). And much as I love you, Whole Foods, I'll be needing a second mortgage soon.

What I've not yet found and still miss: Cheshire cheese.
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