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Allard Walker
Occasional blogger - frequently puzzled.
Occasional blogger - frequently puzzled.

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Cave v2 - ready to puzzle...
...feels like I've gone several rounds with this room, but it's now once again in a state to welcome fellow puzzlists. Of course I have very little chance of finding anything specific at the moment... ... but hopefully my visitors this weekend will forgive ...

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Puzzle Cave v2 carpets - check. lights and an extra cabinet - check. ...several evenings of serious graft (for me!) - check.    ...and it kinda looks pretty decent... all I need to do is click my fingers and magically transport all of the puzzles ou...

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Normal Service interrupted
I’ve been dreading this day for years… I knew that I couldn’t keep ignoring it and that one of these days it would need sorting… It needs sorting now, apparently… So, at the moment I have this, instead of this… …and this downstairs…  and then hopefully in a...

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Stand By Cubes 1,2 & 3
Gregory Benedetti is a lovely French chap that I’ve had the
jolly good fortune of bumping into a couple of times – he is also a somewhat
prolific puzzle designer who manages to catch puzzlers out quite regularly – think Blind Burr and the whole NOS series o...

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Molnar's masterpieces
Several of my mates told me how great they were. Kevin positively raved about them .  Jerry was pretty darn pleased with his. I’d played with one of them a while back and it had me
stumped. ….so when Brian Menold made a few more copies of Laszlo Molnar's or...

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Ninomiya Crates (2&3)
Ages ago I had the good fortune of playing with some of the original
series of Ninomiya crate puzzles… the master had produced some
innocuous-looking crates that hid some wonderful secrets, most of which I’d managed
to discover over a couple of visits to Ja...

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A quick plug - for a friend...
Robert Yarger is easily the nicest puzzlebox maker I have ever had the good fortune to meet... I'd only been collecting his creations for a year or two when I met him in DC, and spending some time with this rockstar of a puzzle maker left me with serious ad...

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MPPXXV had been planned last year and timed to coincide with
a visit by Saul and Paulette Bobroff… we’d billed it as another “ Bobroff special ”  – which Saul decided to make it even
more special by having open-heart surgery just over a month before his MPP...

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Another bunch of dovetails!
A little while back I managed to acquire a few more
Sandfield Dovetail puzzles… and in the process I made a bit of a discovery!  While
I thought I had just bought a duplicate of one of my puzzles, it turned out I’d
mis-identified one from this post back her...

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If you liked Power Tower from Goh Pit Khiam and Jack Krijnen, then you’re going to love Merry-go-round
from the same duo… A couple of months ago I had an email arrive in my inbox from
Jack with a picture of a Merry-go-round and an invitation to express an
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