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Cassini never stops amazing me!!! Awesome pictures of Saturns' North Pole. 

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BeagleBone Black: Any Magic needed to get Angstrom v2013.06 working?

Today, I flashed BBB-eMMC-flasher-v2013.06-2013.10.28.img to my BeagleBone Black's eMMC and just got a black screen with the BeagleBoard logo on the top left of the screen. Flashing the eMMC only took 15 minutes. 

Source used:
microSD card used: SanDisk 4GB

The process I used for downloading it. I used wget -c filename, and the image file successfully downloaded. OS used was Debian 8 on my BeagleBone Black.

In Debian 8 in my BeagleBone Black, I did a unxz and a dcfldd to /dev/sda (my USB SD Card reader). Before powering off, I did a sync;sudo sync. I exchanged the microSD cards to flash the eMMC, using only the power plug; flashing the eMMC completes in 15 minutes.

In Windows 7 on my AMD Sempron Laptop, I decompressed using the Windows-version of xz and did a Win32DiskImager of the .img file to my microSD card. And then, I inserted the microSD card into my BeagleBone Black and flashing the eMMC took only 15 minutes. 

As of this writing, I have a dead OS (Angstrom v2013.06) on my BeagleBone Black's eMMC. It's Ethernet doesn't get an IP assignment. I don't have the proper means of diagnosing (with serial cable) to see why my BBB's eMMC just displays a picture frame.

Is there any magic needed to go past the picture frame?

Now, as of this writing, my BeagleBone Black is back to running Debian 8 from my 8GB microSD card.

The BBB eMMC flashers, at 705MB takes too long to download. I live in the Philippines, and broadband Internet download speed is 1Mbps. It takes 2-3 hours, on an average, to download a compressed (.xz) Angstrom image. Sadly, I thought the v2013.06-2013.10.28 image would have worked.

My BeagleBone Black's model ID is A5B. Is that compatible with v2013.06?

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My "little" buddy!

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"I promise I won't chew on your shoelaces if you pet me...."

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He is so cute but certainly lives up to his nickname "TROUBLE!"

"Let's see what I can get into next...."
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