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COO Alliance (Cameron Herold)

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Why be part of the COO Alliance? Watch this video!

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Want to hire a BRILLIANT #COO? Read this! #hiring

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We had the privilege to have Sean Stephenson, renowned author and speaker at COO Alliance this past week. Here are his secrets for feeling and knowing you are unstoppable:

1. Take impeccable care of yourself
2. Be plugged into your life purpose, ask yourself why you were born..?
3. Get rid of toxicity in life and put yourself in an empowering environment.

Life changing stuff! See more here: #COOAlliance

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Yesterday we learned how to put the CULT in culture! It starts with putting people first...buil your cult now! #COOalliance

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Great list - and love that Cameron is #1! Have you read Meetings Suck? What was your biggest takeaway?

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In this article Taha Bawa, CEO of Goodwall shares his view of the CV, and why having 'the perfect CV' isn't important. He identifies five things he really wants to learn (as a CEO), and why the CV doesn't provide that information. Number one is something that Cameron about it a lot when he speaks - so we thought this would be a good one to share.

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Millennials have been given a hard time in business for the past few years, but that is over. Take some time to consider this article about how Millennials effectively manage other millennials - there are several techniques that could potentially improve how your team works together.

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You may have noticed some changes to our website - which is because we are working hard to make it even BETTER. Please excuse any glitches, as they will be fixed soon enough.

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Do you work with a smaller team? Here are some tips from one of Forbes contributors that will help you grow.

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