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My 3D Printer Engineering book is getting close to complete after about three years of work. It's 100% written (~150,000 words) and I'm working furiously on illustrations now. Should go to the publisher before the end of the year.

I don't want to spam the group but a lot of people have expressed interest in progress updates. If you want to be notified about the release or see the table of contents, check the Google Forms signup sheet. (I won't use your email for anything but book notifications.)

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Marginally-on-topic post, mods forgive me. My wife is playing around with designing some 3D-printing-themed merch -- coffee mugs and baby onesies and such. (To be honest I think she's fed up with not finding anything to buy me for birthdays etc, and taking matters into her own hands.) You guys think anybody (other than me) would be interested in this sort of stuff?


Folks like OpenBuilds and Adafruit do sell some branded merch, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of community-oriented stuff out there. We might bring some inside-joke t-shirts/hats to MRRF next year, in any case. Thoughts?
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I'm working on illustrating my book, and kind of flabbergasted by the range of belt quality I found in my parts bin...

From top to bottom in the photo:
1) Geeetech "GT2" from Amazon - it's a frickin' trapezoidal profile! Oh, and the belt is 7.35mm wide, which is baffling.
2) Merlintools "GT2" from Amazon - looks like it's actually FHT or STD, not GT2
3) "Made in Japan" GT2 from SDP-SI - good tooth form, ok quality
4) Genuine Gates GT3 from SDP-SI - premium stuff :-)

What kind of content would y'all want to see in a 3d printer engineering book chapter on designing Deltas?

Whoops, Tiko just imploded. They're shutting down and looking for an investor to bail them out after fulfilling ~4100/16000 Kickstarter units.

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Love this.
Adalinda, born from the flames.

This is +Louise Driggers's fabulous "Adalinda: The Singing Serpent" from thingiverse, printed at its default size (about 15cm / 6" high) in +Faberdashery Ltd.'s Orange Fizz PLA using #VelocityPainting.

VelocityPainting (yes, I made term up :-) is varying the print speed (but not the temperature) to map a pattern or image onto the model -- I'm using a perl script to post-process the GCODE from Simplify3D to chop up the vectors where necessary and then mess with the extruder feed rate.

Note: I've lit this well to show off the affect -- it's subtler in flat light, but still rather beautiful.

Interestingly, the flames (so the shinier, lighter orange areas caused by printing slowly) are noticeably thinner-walled -- i.e. you can easily feel them as an indentation.

210C and a mixture of 10mm/s and 35mm/s. 11.5 hours of printing on my +Think3dPrint3d Kossel Mini.


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New addition to StepperSim: stepper torque/RPM curve predictor from basic motor specs!

This is a super-useful printer design tool if you're doing any real engineering. There's a lot of stuff you just can't do if you don't have a torque curve. For motion stages, you need a torque/RPM curve to figure out pulley sizes ratios and speed ranges that will keep your printer in the nice "constant-current" region where steppers are well-behaved and precise. For extruders, the torque curve lets you optimize your gear ratio to give maximum extrusion power without losing too much torque during higher-speed retractions.

I'm getting really good agreement between OEM measured torque curves and the predicted curves (maybe +/-10% or so) so I'm very happy with it.

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First verified 3d-printer-related fatality?

1) 3d printer in a small office
2) What I would imagine was somewhat excessive hairspray use on the buildplate
3) Something ignited the hairspray propellant (propane in this case)
4) Propane fireball ignited other flammables, such as magician's flash paper stored in the desk below the printer
5) Big-ass fire and smoke inhalation death

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Any of you guys remember the stepper driver/motor/setting mismatch issues Makerbot had in the Cupcake and TOM with Gen 4 electronics? +nophead and +Ed Nisley both made some pretty big "why this is wrong" posts back in the day. (2009 and 2011, respectively.) Ancient history maybe.

Anyway, the old A3977 driver used in the Gen 4 electronics (and a few others) had a reasonably similar chopping scheme to the A4988, so I went ahead and made a StepperSim sheet for it. So now all you guys can pick out new motors and settings for your Cupcakes and TOMs :-) Super helpful right? /S

The attached chart shows how badly Makerbot messed up the "recommended" driver settings and motor selection for the TOM. Horrible stepper clipping. Didn't really matter much with the Cupcake on Gen 3 electronics though, that driver only did half-stepping so you didn't really see the distorted microstep profile.

It's actually not a bad driver chip, MBI just didn't do any meaningful engineering on the stepper system in the Cupcake or TOM. (Most people still don't.) The root issue here was using a high-resistance/high-inductance motor, and cranking the vref up way higher than could actually be reached.
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