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Sarah Johnson
Web Developer. Fun Seeker.
Web Developer. Fun Seeker.

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Tag Assistant seems to mess with general browsing in Chrome v52.0.2743.116 (up to date as of now). Ever since I installed it last week, some websites simply will not load ( was one of them), will hang on * (fonts and ajax being the most common), and ultimately crash. TA was not enabled to scan sites, but the issue still persisted even when the extension itself was disabled.

Here are some other details:
- I did try the basic stuff: clear cache/cookies, restart browser, and restart Macbook (OS X El Capitan)
- I was able to ping from Terminal to make sure it wasn't my internet connection.
- I tried visiting the same websites in Firefox for a sanity check, and they loaded without any problem.
- Nobody else on my team experienced the issue (in-network or across the country).
- Here's a screenshot of the dev console timeline when the hanging occurs (the google font call is the first row):

Ultimately, I removed the TA extension from Chrome and it resolved the browsing problem immediately. TA has been invaluable for tag implementation and development, so I will try to re-install it when I need it again.

I'm happy to provide additional information if I'm not the only one who experienced this.

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 "The problem for Facebook is all in execution. Nobody cares whether the platform is native or HTML. It's the content that matters."

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Very, very true.

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A friend and coworker of mine found an ADORABLE little kitten near Scranton, PA that needs a forever home. Let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested in adopting the kitten, and I'll provide you with contact information.

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Avatar in Disney World...thoughts?

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This is my gate to philly. As a disney fan, this made me smile!

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someone said it was too quiet in our cubicle office and requested noise....wish granted with speakers all the way up:

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For my e-commerce friends! I'm eligible for a faster smart phone soon (yay!) so I might be part of the 44%...

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