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Kevin Clauson
Academician focused on consumer health informatics and digital health from a pharmacy perspective
Academician focused on consumer health informatics and digital health from a pharmacy perspective


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#NSUHangout Alert!
You are invited to join us for a LIVE Google+ Hangout On Air!

Topic: 2012 mHealth Summit Panelist Follow-Up Remarks, Thoughts, Trends

Moderator: +Eduardo Garcia Blogger +The Huffington Post  & MSBI Student +Nova Southeastern University -@egpierro-

o Dr. Geeta Nayyar, CMIO, AT&T --@gnayyar-- -- +Geeta Nayyar 
o Don Jones, VP, QualcommLife --@djonesqualcomm-- +Donald Jones 
o Dr. Wesley Valdes, Director, Intermountain Health System -- -- +Wesley Valdes 
o David Collins, VP, mHIMSS --
o Dr. Wendy Nilsen, Health Scientist Administrator, NIH -- +Wendy Nilsen 
o Steven Krein, Co-founder & CEO StartupHealth --@stevenkrein-- +Steven Krein 
o Dr. Jennie Lou, Director, NSU --

Discussion Topics:
This Hangout is a follow-up to the mHealth Summit in Washington DC hosted by +HIMSS from December 3-5 2012:
Panelists will discuss:
*Telecom as the catalyst for mHealth
*Remote patient monitoring and telehealth improving quality outcomes 
*The role of entrepreneurship and startups in mHealth
*Public-private partnerships as avenues for innovation

This Hangout will be hosted from the +Nova Southeastern University page so come on over to our page to watch the live feed.

Can’t make it? This #Hangout On Air will be recorded and available for playback later (more details to follow). Remember to use the hashtag #NSUHangout to stay in the loop and submit questions for the panelists here on Google Plus and on Twitter.

#NSUHangout #mhealth #mhs12
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Really useful review for those considering Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Wow, it's really exciting, I got published in BetaNews today and the whole thing happened here in G+.
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New ULP Post: Quick overview of latest CHI elective and guest lecture contributions.
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eHealth Online Safety & Security WHO Report:

World Health Organisation eHealth Report –
Good work by +Kevin Clauson and his team for WHO

(I also have an interest in this public health report, in that I was one of the reviewers).

#publichealth #eHealth #health #safety
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The new issue of AJPE has two interesting articles on pharmacy and social media:

"Use of Social Media by Pharmacy Preceptors"


"The Effects of a Social Media Policy on Pharmacy Students’ Facebook Security Settings"

Interesting look at perceptions of preceptors from Purdue and students at the University of Florida regarding social media. If you did not realize it, it was that UF/JGIM Facebook study of medical students and residents that found the PIMP student groups etc that precipitated the establishment of that policy.
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So tell me what you want, what you really really want

At HealthAchieve 2010, the Innovation Cell in partnership with the OHA announced a new social media initiative called “My Hospital Idea” to meet the specific needs of Hospitals in Ontario. Since then, we’ve been speaking with key thought leaders, change makers and everyday healthcare workers to better understand “what you really really want.”

We heard that while the use of social media has started to impact healthcare, its impact is still nascent. We heard that security and privacy of information often trump openness. We learned that our system is highly fragmented and siloed, and that we would benefit from sharing information, ideas and solutions more effectively. We heard that healthcare actually extends beyond the walls of a hospital, and there are dozens of stakeholders, including patients, who need to be engaged in the delivery of any effective solution.

Most importantly, we discovered that amazing things are happening to improve our healthcare system across the country every day. But that it was often hard to find these improvements and even harder to learn about how they were implemented and what measurable results they achieved. Finally, we realized that the people making these changes, those that frequently went the extra mile, were often unrecognized.

Fast forward to HealthAchieve 2011. We have built “My Healthcare Innovation,” a private and secure global platform, configured specifically for healthcare workers to more effectively collaborate and share timely, locally-relevant solutions. The platform enables users to leverage the incredible wealth of knowledge existing in our healthcare ecosystem and share our communal know-how, from world leaders to everyday workers. It enables everyone to access information and people within all levels of their specific institution and across the healthcare system.

As we prepare for our broader roll-out, we are listening and learning from you! So, what do you want to be able to do on this shared community platform? Drop by to visit us at HealthAchieve’s Sillicon Alley and let us know which communities of practice, features, content and tools you would like supported.

We hope that you will accept the challenge to help us develop the final design and experience of a service to meet your needs.

+Ameet Mehta +Carlos Rizo +Peter Roland - the co-founders of My Healthcare Innovation
Source: OHAToday
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There are loads of blogs, content, etc. swirling in the ether. However, if you are interested in the intersection of mHealth, diabetes, and business, I strongly suggest keeping an eye on the new EndoGoddess Musings blog (

Dr. +Jennifer Shine Dyer (@EndoGoddess) is a pediatric endocrinologist-turned-entrepreneur who will be chronicling the release of her new app via that blog. Jen is the kind of physician who does things for the right reasons and truly puts a premium on integrity. However, just because someone is a good person does not mean they will have a compelling blog...but I suspect what we'll see with this one is an honest look at the process that will be full of lessons. I'm looking forward to seeing what develops.
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