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North Korea leader survived US assassination attempt in May by US Navy SEAL team. Why has Trump kept this from the American public?

A North Korean national, a former lumberjack was caught trying to plant a radiological dirty bomb at a public event attended by Kim Jong Un. The man had been recruited by the CIA whilst working in Russia.The Lumberjack who was recruited into a CIA spy cell was paid US$40,000 in advance for carrying out the assassination attempt.

The bomb was conveyed to him by South Korean Special Forces who were inserted by a US Navy SEAL team from the submarine USS Michigan in April. DPRK counterintelligence said The plot was discovered from intercepts of radio communications.

These actions were in effect a de facto declaration of war by Donald Trump without consulting Congress. Trump's bizarre actions now make nuclear war an inevitable outcome.

Trump's orders to the CIA and US Navy to conduct an assassination are illegal under International law and contravene Executive Order 12333 issued by President Ronald Regan, Dec 1981.

Donald J Trump's lack of judgment now places the United States on an irreversible collision path in a full scale nuclear exchange with North Korea.

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Brzezinski founder of Al Qaeda & architect of ISIS terrorism, passes away. Few realise Jihadist terrorism was invented by America to destroy Russia
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Trump wanted Comey to drop Flynn investigation because his Director of NSA was accepting undisclosed payments from Turkish Intelligence
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Syria BREAKING NEWS in civil war as US and British Tank columns drive deep into southern Syria accompanied by Rebel column
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Syria invaded by US & British military forces to cut off eastern Syria from Government control. Action contrary to the UN Charter

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MH370 suffered an In-flight fire 21 February 2014 which Malaysian Government concealed in 2015 Report. Same plane, same pilot same route, different day reported by a passenger in China Daily - Jennifer Leong

Electrical fire and smoke in Cabin or cockpit is very common on Boeing 777 List of B777 Fire-smoke-electrical failures 2016

Dec 25th 2016 United B772 in-flight electrical failure
Nov 19th Qatar B733 smoke in cockpit
Sep 26th 2016 United B772 smoke in cockpit
Sep 2nd 2016 American B772 smoke in cabin
Aug 30th 2016 Eithad B773 smoke in cabin
Aug 29th 2016 Air Male B773 smoke in cargo
Aug 25th 2016 Air India B773 smoke in cargo
Aug 15th 2016 United B772 smoke in cabin
Jul 30th 2016 Air Cathay B773 communications failure
Jul 26th 2016 Emirates B773 smoke in cockpit
Jul 12th 2016 American B772 smoke in cockpit
Jun 30th 2016 Saudia B773 battery fire
Jun 16th 2016 American B772 battery fire
May 6th 2016 Air Canada B772 smoke in cockpit
April 30th 2016 British Airways B772 communications failure
April 29th 2016 British Airways B772 smoke in cabin
April 23th 2016 Pakistan Int Airways B772 smoke in lavatory
Mar 28th 2016 American B772 cockpit electrical failure
Mar 15th 2016 United B772 double generator electrical failure
March 17th 2016 British Airways B772 smoke in cabin
March 3rd Air Canada B773 electrical smoke Galley
Feb17th Emirates B773 fumes cabin
Feb 8th ANA B773 visible smoke in cabin
Feb 4th Emirates B773 visible smoke in cockpit
Jan 12th Thai Airlines B773 electrical failure
Dec 31th 2015 British Airways B772 smoke in cockpit

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Syrian Rebels to blame for Sarin gas attack due to forensic evidence of an IED. Blast crater at Khan Shaykhun had AFNO splatter.
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