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The new snapshot sucks

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+Benjamin Corey , If you didn't know, it was based off of this: 

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I'm officially obsessed with FoTC, +Benjamin Corey , you'll flip a table when you see what I did in photoshop. It took an hour.

So apparently I can put on custom thumbnails now. I think james can too

My sugalumps are two of a kind
Sweet and white and highly refined
Honeys try all kinds of tomfoolery
To steal a feel of my family jewelry
My cannonballs cause a kerfuffle
The ladies they hustle to ruffle my truffle
If you party with the Party Prince
You get two complimentary after-dinner mints

+Benjamin Corey I have your thumbnails

I killed a guy doing a large group stream

I'm so good at this game

Our map just exploded with a kajillion downloads O_o

we broke 420 subs woo

+Benjamin Corey Did you tweet to sethbling yet? Just curious. Also, he just updates his map to make random teams possible. He sorta overcomplicated the process but at least it's something we can say we did first XD
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