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How to avoid Email Phishing Scheme’s

Always be suspicious. Instead of clicking the link in the email go directly onto your web browser directly. Check and see if any strange activity exists. If concerned, change your password.

Another clue is that the email will have for bad spelling and grammar since most of these emails come from over-seas.

Beef up your browser, with the free Web of Trust browser add-ons that will warn you if the site you're about to visit is suspected of malicious activity.

Lastly, hover your mouse over several link, a pop up should follow with a URL. Example. it ends in A fake address would be This second address does not end with, hence fake.

At Avanti Networks Phishing is kept to a.minimum by blocking countries like Russia or China, spam filtering, firewalls etc.. give us a call for your solution.
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Today, after installing a new computer system which went quite well. The customer had bought quickbooks online to do her bookkeeping. Normally I'm a big fan of quickbooks products... but the customer and I found it so different than the desktop version, she immediately canceled her account and bought the desktop version...

So if your a QB desktop customer and thinking of going to the online version, you may want to think twice about it...

If you have any question let me know, would love to answer it.
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How to map a networks drive in Windows 10

When you want to open a shared folder on another computer, and keep it for future use, the best way is to map a drive to it. When you map a network drive, it will show up as a new drive and you can quickly access the shared files on demand. The procedure is simple, and can be done as follows;

1. Open File Explorer and pick "This PC".

2. Click the Map network drive button in the ribbon menu at the top, select "Map network drive."

3. An available drive letter is automatically picked, then click "Browse".

4. Navigate and select the folder you want to map and hit OK.

5. Confirm your selection, click "Reconnect at sign-in" option and click finish

If you want to disconnect the network drive in the future, right-click on it and select "Disconnect."
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Microsoft recent Windows Update On Tuesday Caused Problems On Windows 7 and 8.1 Computers And Outlook

KB3097877 update caused various issues on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, including sudden crashes of Outlook email client, as well as errors with desktop gadgets.

But a revised version of the update is now available via Windows Update for Windows 7 only.

Windows 7 fixes

According to the company, the revised bulletin addresses two different problems on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2:

Resolves crashing that occurred in all supported versions of Microsoft Outlook when users were reading certain email messages.
Resolves problems that occurred while users were logging on to the system. For example, after a user restarted the computer and then pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the logon screen, the screen flashed and then went black. The user was then unable to continue. There may be other, similar logon issues that are related to this issue.
There are users, however, who are no longer capable of logging on to their Windows 7 computers, and Microsoft also provides guidance that could help them if such a problem is occurring.

First and foremost, you should try disconnecting any digitizer devices, and in case this doesn’t work, recover the system by restoring to the latest backup. A third option is to uninstall security update KB3097877 from the command line by booting in repair mode and entering the following command:

dism /image:C:\ /remove-package /PackageName:Package_for_KB3097877~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~
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7 Reasons Why Office 365 May Be Right Or Wrong For You.
Home » Newsletter » 7 Reasons Why Office 365 May Be Right Or Wrong For You.
I’ve been asked lately why would I buy or rent software like Office 365.  After some consideration, I came up with 7 pros and cons for renting office 365.
Why buy office 365?
1.No more installing, managing, patching, and upgrading Microsoft Office, just pay and go.
2.Known  yearly cost of MS Office software
3.Lower immediate (not over many years) cost lets you re-allocate monies
4.Office 365 backs up your MS Office documents as you create them and save them either on the cloud or within the OneDrive app
1.Relying on network and bandwidth for everyone in your office at once.
2.If your Internet goes down, then you cannot access to your software or documents,IF your Solely cloud based, if you download to your pc the data syncing can occur later. 
3.Your  data controlled by someone else, privacy concerns from hackers etc.
In the end I would buy my software I don’t need big brother constantly charging me for software, but that’s just me.  Renting provides you with constantly updated features and some problems as they roll them out, and initial low investment to obtain the use of the software.
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Office 2016 is out for sale, but do you really need to upgrade?

Here are some features
1. Co-Authoring, multiple people can edit a document at once
2. Office Sway, Microsoft has bundled Sway, a tool the company introduced earlier as a standalone service, right into the Office suite. Sway lets you make stylish media presentations that can be quickly made and embedded on websites.
3. Tell Me, Remember the annoying assistant Clippy that used to come in older versions of Office? Tell Me is a smarter version of it.
4. Smart Lookup - A dictionary and description of the word
5. Microsoft's Clutter feature in Outlook analyses your email pattern and also observes the people you interact with the most.
6. Better integration with OneDrive and Skype
7. Planner - Microsoft is also introducing a feature called Planner that allows a team to make projects and quickly make tasks and documents.
8. Windows 10 support

There is some nice stuff but nothing I would make me buy another copy. I think I Can wait. But if your still using Office 2000, 2003 or 2007, I would upgrade, here is a link for Amazon that has all 3 versions.
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