Finally got around to adding more of the stuff I've written to Amazon. 

First is a short story I wrote called "Lottery Ticket." I tried to make it for free on Amazon but I couldn't figure out how, so it's priced at $0.99 and free from the Kindle Library. It's about 2,700 words. More juvenile comedy. . I wanted to do a custom cover design, but didn't have the time. So I used Amazon's custom cover generator. 

I finally got my book "Web 2012: Birth of the New World Order" on Amazon also: Given the the hype surrounding bitcoin and the renewed interest in alternate monetary systems, I thought it was worth publishing this again on Amazon. I wrote it in July 2010. It contains a lot of stuff I published elsewhere on the web.  

"Essays from Beyond the Nation State" is something I officially published in August of 2013 based on a compilation of older stuff I'd written.  "Web 2012" was meant to be more conceptual; "Essays" was meant to dive into the technical details of how platforms supplant the nation-state. I didn't get around to making it as comprehensive as I'd like, though. Too much other work to do. 
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