Another Way AirBNB Can Save the World

AirBNB could be a company capable of unseating Google or Amazon.

They intermediate the temporary stay rental real estate market, and are now branching out into monetizing what you do on your trip.

Hopefully, they succeed wildly on this front, and get to a position where they can essentially build new communities. They'll be able to tell you where to go and what to do to have a good time.

If they get really good at this, they'll find a way to create city experiences that are substantially less expensive than city experiences as we know them today, making them more accessible to a new market of customers for the urban experience and urban life.

Essentially, they'll be disrupting the city state.

In doing so they could massively reduce real estate costs for society, and profit wildly themselves from doing so.

As the US enters a civil war style period in which faith in government continues to disintegrate, an opportunity emerges for a new player to take that governmental role.

AirBNB, this could be your destiny.
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