#Virtual Reality and the #Blockchain

I got Google #Cardboard recently. I found it exciting and encourage everyone to try it out. 

A few more thoughts:

1. I’m wildly bullish on virtual reality. I believe the time is now and it will be huge. If there is one thing that can rival the currency revolution – currencies that arise from digital platforms – for magnitude of impact on the world it’s virtual reality. 
2. The big obstacle to the first killer app for virtual reality is bandwidth.  Just as the Apple II won the PC revolution because it had the most capacity for memory to run the killer app of its time (Visicalc), so too will the winner of the virtual reality hardware battle be the one who can enable the bandwidth that the killer app needs. I believe this will depend largely on optimizing how hardware connects to the same type of hardware rather than a more “open” system, and may leverage other key technologies such as mesh networks or the blockchain to distribute the weight of transferring files. I do think virtual currencies and virtual realities are deeply connected, and thus I consider it reasonably probable that the same company will rise to dominate the value chains surrounding both of these key technologies. 
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