AirBNB, the Next Great Real Estate Fund

This elaborates on my last AirBNB post.

If all goes well with their recent product launch and the trajectory continues, they should be in a position where they have the assets to understand what neighborhoods in the US will get rehabbed and see a sharp increase in value. In fact, AirBNB will be in a position to move the market in the direction it sees the most economic benefit. It will then invest its resources into rehabbing and promoting a local market, and will be in a position to profit from every part of it. The company will end up being a shepherd of various neighborhoods in which it has a deep economic interest, and thus those neighborhoods are always well-run, in spite of having high turnover.

There's a lot of synergetically compatible ways the company can make money here. To make the most of it, though, they'll eventually need to challenge local governments more and more, including in uncomfortable areas like law enforcement and security.
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