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Bobby Kapur
A shy guy with a very dry and wicked sense of humour
A shy guy with a very dry and wicked sense of humour

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I'm kind of warming to the new Google plus

Looking for a new challenge! 

Watching the voice on BBC one, surprisingly good. #amazed

Stuck at lakeside for hours because of the traffic! It was hell! 

Yikes the QE I I Bridge has been closed due to the bad weather, no Bluewater shopping for us then. 

Day 3 with the Moto g, Bizarrely finding the keyboard and screen on the small side! 

Grabbed hold of a Moto g, first impressions is that it's amazing. I kind of getting used to the smaller size. If I really like it then I'll get rid of my s3.

Really thinking of buying a Moto g to replace my s3. Seems like a crazy idea..... 

Absolutely confusing but a really cool ending with Tom Baker. I just love Doctor Who. #doctorwho

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My brothers and dad were always big fans of cricket and I was always into football but for some reason I'm really into the Ashes! 
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