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Feature request:
How about Google Circles supporting basic Venn diagram operations from the set theory

The implementation can be
1. There can be a button which says "Order by Expression"
2. When you type in the expression say "Friends" U "Family"
3. You get the results which include Friends and Family
4. You can either share something with the resultant group or save them in a new circle
5. Additionally the Text-box(Order by Expression) for input should support Union(⋃) and intersection(∩) letters minus(-) is already supported

This is a consolidation from various posts on smart Circles and especially Meta Circles by +Ofer Inbar
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Ohh is it?
Well I don't have a lot of knowledge but i thought its just a feature which is similar and can be extended from a feature like "People in common" Even here the intersection operation is used
Besides Google has implemented arcane algorithms and this must be a cake-walk to the team
yeah agreed....
Check this out
This is made using Facebook's API to resemble G+ Circle look
If the API is provided...I'm sure that this feature will be implemented by a third party app
BTW I lost you when you quoted the posts
I was talking abt a feature which deals with the contacts(Circles) alone
Asinine.....Firstly they must not be allowed to rat on us in this way
Secondly, If the profiles get mixed up it'd be a disaster
Someone should file a case against it
After all its the issue of a citizen's privacy, personal integrity
I'm sure that someone can sue the company for this reason
I guess its more intuitive than to-be-taught theory
Everyone has an idea on what intersection, union are
even the minus function is auto-didactic +G. Hussain Chinoy
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