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Feature request:
How about Google Circles supporting basic Venn diagram operations from the set theory

The implementation can be
1. There can be a button which says "Order by Expression"
2. When you type in the expression say "Friends" U "Family"
3. You get the results which include Friends and Family
4. You can either share something with the resultant group or save them in a new circle
5. Additionally the Text-box(Order by Expression) for input should support Union(⋃) and intersection(∩) letters minus(-) is already supported

This is a consolidation from various posts on smart Circles and especially Meta Circles by +Ofer Inbar
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Ohh is it?
Well I don't have a lot of knowledge but i thought its just a feature which is similar and can be extended from a feature like "People in common" Even here the intersection operation is used
I think that as a time pass google include even a regular expression support maybe not fully but we can probably make more complex query's ! It would be nice to add that to circles !
Besides Google has implemented arcane algorithms and this must be a cake-walk to the team
Yeah it is probably not too hard to implement such thing at least support for regular expression like in web search but then again it would need to have some other input field or anyway it would be far too slow if we could use a regular expression on all of the users or maybe cause google have experience with a large data to simply derive names and connections into a new tables in a database and that made a search even on a large number of people much faster ! But then again taht would need to go only on people search ! Cause I really wouldn't like that someone can throw a regexp search and end up with all of mine public posts displayed ! I'm certain that Google ain't gonna aloud gathering of public posts nor implement that in its search results ! Yeah we could have a line called sent something like a sent folder in mail but that would be a link holder that is only visible to us when we are on our account ! No one else should be ever possible to see all of the posts gathered at one place ! Access to such thing should not ever be included in API nor if someone hack such thing should be immediate removed improved in API ! Cause anyway this ain't a twitter and it shouldn't have that possibility this is still social network platform not micro-bloging platform !
yeah agreed....
Check this out
This is made using Facebook's API to resemble G+ Circle look
If the API is provided...I'm sure that this feature will be implemented by a third party app
BTW I lost you when you quoted the posts
I was talking abt a feature which deals with the contacts(Circles) alone
well its nice but don't have all the same features of circles ! Btw I use facebook disconnect and I need to disable it to script work ! cause it outside experiment if it would be implement on facebook probably wouldn't mind that i have installed facebook disconnect ! Its just that i do not love to have facebook tracks what pages I open nor what do i click so to me a facebook disconnect extension is one of the most important when a integrity of a person is in question and privacy concern ! I dunno did you read this Forbes blog post !
Its about background checking company approved by Federal Trade Commission in a USA
But if you would intend to work in USA you should know this :

And check this too:

If you have time tell me what you think about implementation of that cause it can make a problem to a lot of us ! Specially cause no one officially warn about appearing of such idiotic agency on Internet !
Asinine.....Firstly they must not be allowed to rat on us in this way
Secondly, If the profiles get mixed up it'd be a disaster
Someone should file a case against it
After all its the issue of a citizen's privacy, personal integrity
I'm sure that someone can sue the company for this reason
I think that too It have really too much of bad implications that could be alowed existance of such company ! I think that some organisation gonna sue them and get from federal court a order for closing such company ! But then again it was approved by a federal body too ! Federal Trade Commission is a federal body of USA but then again someting like that break some basic human rights that are guaranteed by the USA constitution like a Freedom Speech ! And one funny thing hehehe Today is a Independance day celebration in USA I do hope that someone will file a case against them !

Here is a article that speak more about that company :

And yeah that is quite a bad company and shouldn't be aloud to exist at least if it ain't a part of USA government and that company ain't part of USA government but just a approved by they federal regulatory body !
Quite weird ! now all people that want to work in USA need to be aware and careful in what they write on internet to not loose a job ! weird !
I guess its more intuitive than to-be-taught theory
Everyone has an idea on what intersection, union are
even the minus function is auto-didactic +G. Hussain Chinoy
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