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Hey all,

Has anyone implemented the Doubleclick template tag for apps before?

My client is facing an issue when setting a Doubleclick custom variable using a GTM variable for the "screenName" value within their iOS and Android Doubleclick template tags. The Doubleclick template tags appear to fire on any openScreen event where screenName only has a 1 word value, but with screenNames that have 2 or more words in the string value for the screenName variable, the tag either fires with a previous 1-word variable value set (even though we are clearing the dataLayer each time a push call happens to avoid persistent values like this), fires with no screenName value or the tag does not fire at all.

My guess is the Doubleclick template tag for apps does not handle encoding well for variable's values set to more than 1 word (with spaces)? Or am I missing something?

What made us think this is that the GA template tags for iOS/Android are both firing on the same exact firing rules but fire correctly on each and every openScreen event, and captures the full screenName value (1 word, 2 words etc.). We will test changing all the values to 1 words to see if Doubleclick starts capturing the missing screens but wanted to confirm if anyone else has this problem as well.

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When I work on enterprise-size analytics problems everyday, its nice to have a strong web analytics platform

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Have you checked out the lineup for Analytics that Excite yet? Our keynote is Avinash Kaushik from Google plus we'll have speakers from The New York Times and Red Roof Inn! If you're involved with digital marketing and/or analytics, you won't want to miss this event! The conference has limited seating so don't miss out! Check out all of the details and register here:

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+Tag Inspector helping ensure data quality with marketing tags on your sites, thanks +Angela Wilkinson for the great post!
Do you know how many Tags your site really has? 
+Angela Wilkinson  asked that question using +Tag Inspector and found something a little unexpected - waves of tags coming into Web Analytics World!

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Pretty exciting! Our one-day conference on data and analytics is a can't miss event and only 10 days left to get early bird tickets. +Avinash Kaushik , +Hannah Poferl with +The New York Times  and +Jesse Nichols from +Google Analytics  plus more wonderful speakers!

Check it out: 
Analytics That Excites… For All

Whether you’re an analyst, marketing manager, director, VP or CMO - we all need data that excites.

Exciting analytics is when…
1. Data can be actionable to power improvement and growth
2. Data helps you get in the mind of your consumer
3. Data can drive engagement in real-time
4. Data uncovers opportunities to build customer loyalty
5. Data can be scaled to everyone in your organization

+InfoTrust, a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Premium Reseller, is happy to present Analytics That Excite - a one-day conference focusing on Data and Analytics. The goal of the conference is showcasing best of the best practices in the world of digital analytics. There will be executives from Fortune 500 companies, largest global brands and innovative start-ups from all over the Midwest.  

Speakers from leading companies will provide insights for how to set up a robust data collection architecture, structure a system for constant innovation through data analysis, and build a data-driven culture. The keynote speaker includes top analytics guru, +Avinash Kaushik, who will be coming to the Queen City to talk Analytics with some of the largest brands and advertisers in the world. 
Some of the topics include:

-Building an analytics culture
-Empowering analytics for enterprises
-Online+Offline Data Collection (point of sale systems integration with web analytics)
-Multi-channel attribution modeling
-Cross-device analytics
-Real-time personalization and decision making
-Advanced user segmentation for building better customer loyalty and retention
-Top data visualizations best practices

If you’re using analytics just to see what happened, you’re not really using analytics.  Learn more and register today at: and use this code for 15% off any non-student ticket price - expires September 1: GABlogReader_DEAL (direct link to ticket page:

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New blog post on @TagInspector and #tagmanagement #ecommerce

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Does your company have a tag management policy?

Google Tag Manager is a great way to make your digital marketing much easier. But in addition to the technology, a a system, a process, and ongoing review is a good idea to ensure data accuracy.

Our Certified Partner +Michael Loban at +InfoTrust shares his thinking on the steps you can take to create a tag management policy for your company. Read his whole post here:

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Nifty tool for anyone trying to audit their #adwords or #googleanalytics tags across their entire site, or even across multiple sites. Free tool scans sites to load tags (not affecting data capture) and generates report showing pages with tag, pages missing tag, cookies set by tags, how tags are loaded (if in #googletagmanager  for example) and even some GA validation/errors.

Feedback is welcome :)
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