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What affiliate programs are you using now?
What affiliate programs will you use moving forward?
+Google Affiliate Network Is Shutting Down
Just got this in my email

Dear Publisher,

As you may have read in our recent email, we've made the difficult decision to retire Google Affiliate Network (GAN). According to your GAN Online Program Terms and Conditions and AdSense Terms and Conditions, we will suspend all GAN services, except for certain reporting and payments functionality, on July 31, 2013. On October 31, 2013, we will suspend and terminate any remaining GAN services.

Publisher payments will be disbursed for your GAN network activity generated through July 31, 2013. For clarity, the last day that new activity will be tracked through GAN (including conversions) is July 31, 2013.

Affiliate publishers can continue to earn AdSense revenue through the AdSense network. Thanks for your support of our affiliate product, and we look forward to helping you grow your business in the future.

The Google Affiliate Network Team

Where you a part of the Google Affiliate Network? What are you going use now?

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Brand Page and YouTube Channel Integration
This is rolling out now so check your YouTube channel status

As the host and page manager of +Collectors Hangout I've already received the roll out and I can tell you, it is going to be so nice to just simply run a Hangout On Air on the Collectors Hangout page while logged in simply as myself!

I strongly encourage all of you in my circles to do this so that you can begin using Hangouts to better connect with your audience and utilize the power of videos for SEO purposes. Also, if you don't have +Ronnie Bincer in your circles, be sure to add him now. I know him personally and he is a great resource!
Google Plus PAGE and YouTube Channel Connection!

If you have a Brand Page on Google Plus, you have been waiting for this day to arrive! We now see that a Google Plus Page (brand page) can be connected to its own YouTube Channel (branded channel).

This feature is currently 'rolling out' to users... slowly!
Here are some live screen shots I took from someone that kindly shared this breakthrough news with me.

Once you have this choice (check your YouTube Channel's Advanced area: ) will finally have the ability to Run a Hangout on Air from your Google Plus PAGE and have it Stream Live onto your Branded YouTube Channel... no more games are needed. No more hidden profiles are needed. Halleluja!

Of course you will also need to properly set up new ID settings for your +Page so it can properly use things like the Hangout Toolbox and other Hangout Apps... learn how here: &

More details to follow once more of us get this fantastic option! GooTubePlus... Here we go!

This change, IMO, makes Every Business online NEED to use Google Plus and Hangouts on Air... no more excuses! If it gets too crazy for you, visit
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#GooTubePlus   #HOAtips   #Pages   #OnlineMarketing   #VideoMarketing   #GooglePlusTips   #GooglePlusPages   #BrandPages   #YouTubeTips   #HangoutsOnAir   #TheHangoutHelper  
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Hangout App Integration Comes Finally To Google+ Pages!

This just got published by +Moritz Tolxdorff and I have verified that the information is true for my +Collectors Hangout page! This is excellent news for many of us who have been dedicated to using brand pages as Google has asked us to. I can't wait to use this feature this coming Tuesday for my main HOA show!

Thanks to the Google+ team for making this happen and to +Moritz Tolxdorff for announcing this!
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Checkout what you can do with brand pages!

H/T +Domingo Rogers
Google Plus Pages (aka Brand Pages) are now like G+ Profiles...

At the end of December 2012 some of us that watch this stuff were shocked and pleased that the G+ Page was given more power to interact.

Before that time, the +Page was limited in many ways and that was a problem for many that wanted to use them (like me). It could only circle a person (aka Profile), if the person had circled the +Page first. It could not add a comment to a person's post, or reshare a person's post, etc.

All that started to change when the GPC (Communities) came online because inside a GPC the +Page had equal rights to a +Profile.

Now (just noticed thanks to +Clayton Pritchard and his +Google Plus Daily +page) our Google Plus PAGES can Add a Profile to the Page's Circles Without the Profile adding the Page 1st.

I'm pretty sure that bonus opportunity was not introduced at the end of Dec. '12 like the other options were, but even if it was, not many people noticed it then.

Now we know, The +PAGE is pretty much capable of doing what a +PROFILE can do now...

Good news for sure for small to medium sized businesses on G+. For +Pages that use this capability responsibly, they will be much better off.

For those worried about spam:
Profiles can Still Block other Profiles or Pages when required... if someone (profile or page) is inappropriate, feel free to let them know first, then if they continue to be spammy... Mute them or Block 'em!

To paraphrase a friend +Mark Traphagen ... hopefully people will judge the value of a post or a comment based on its Content, and less on its source.

Does this capability mean you will use +Pages more now or has the GPC replaced the need for a +Page?

There are still some differences between what +Pages can do and what +Profiles can do, but most of the main problem areas for Pages are now gone, IMO.
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#googleplusupdate   #googleplustips   #pages   #googlepluspages   #googleplusbusiness   #businesspages   #brandpages  
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What do you do if your friends and family tell you no one is on Google+?
Tell them to take a look at this website!

This website helps to explain and solidify the reasons why people are becoming fed-up with Facebook, why they should be worried about their privacy, and how Google+ offers more in every area as a social media platform and why they should switch.

#maketheswitch #facebookisdead
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Wedding Videography

I am extremely proud to be able to work with +Rusty Worden, the owner of +RockerDown Studios Creative Services. Here is a highlight video of a wedding that we recently did in Wilmington, NC.

Of the 5 weddings that I've been able to help Rusty with, this one by far took the cake as the coolest wedding I've had a chance to be a part of. Laurie and Joseph and both their families were fantastic!

If you are looking for an awesome photographer for family, professional, or wedding photography checkout

#weddingphotography   #weddingphotography   #weddingvideo   #weddingvideography   #weddingvideographer   #professionalphotographer  
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+X Games Hangout

I had a great time hanging out with +Steve Fisher as he interviewed Bobby Brown, David Wise and James (Woodsy) Woods. They are all great athletes in their own right and have the privilege to be competing in the 2013 Winter X Games in Aspen, CO. 

I had opportunities to ask all the athletes questions and had fun putting Fish on the spot calling him out on wearing the same shirt twice on two hangouts (It's a awesome shirt Steve!) - See the other hangout that Steve woar the same shirt here:

Checkout the entire hangout session that I was a part of at the link below or if you are mobile click on the following link:

Be sure to checkout the rest of the +X Games on +ESPN and more highlights on Google+!

#xgames   #xgamesaspen   #xgames2013   #snowboarding   #skiing
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Great News About Community Posts Showing On Your Profile!

I'm a little late too the party, but if you hadn't already heard.......
Control whether community posts appear on your profile

Thanks for all the great feedback on how we can make Google+ Communities even better. It’s been inspiring to see all of the different ways people are using communities, and we’re excited to keep making improvements. 

Community posts are a great way for people to see your different interests when they visit your Google+ profile. But some of you have asked for a way to keep community posts separate from the rest of your Google+ posts. 

Today we're adding a new setting that lets you do just that! Simply visit, look for the new "Communities" section, and make your choice. (We'll be rolling this out gradually.)

Remember that your private community posts will only be visible to people in those communities, regardless of whether or not you show community posts on your profile. 

Keep the comments and suggestions coming, and stay tuned for more improvements in the coming weeks!

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Register to win a 32GB Nexus 7!
Originally shared by ****
Nexus 7 Giveaway |  1 DEC 2012
How to qualify: +1 this original post, follow +PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.)  and share the original post public!

Why: +PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) was never active on social media, soon a new website will be launched, with social media. +Wilco Wings assured us that Google+ is the future! Before we present our new website with the focus on +Google+ Your Business  to our customers, we want to show a active profile with some followers. This is where you come in!

PIEK ordered 50 +Nexus 7 devices to giveaway during several promotions in December. The first batch of 25 came in yesterday. The very first one we will give away with this Nexus 7 Giveaway |  1 DEC 2012 promotion.

Prize for Nexus 7 Giveaway |  1 DEC 2012: 1 Nexus 7 32GB incl shipping with +FedEx 

Terms and Conditions: 
-Contest Nexus 7 Giveaway |  1 DEC 2012 period begins 12:00 CET on November 11, 2012 and ends 12:00 CET December 1st, 2012
-Contest open to all human inhabitants of Planet Earth where +FedEx will deliver
-Excluded: Employers, Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers of +PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) 
-Requirments: +1 original post Nexus 7 Giveaway |  1 DEC 2012 and follow +PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) , share Nexus 7 Giveaway |  1 DEC 2012 public
-All valid submissions will be placed into a pool, from which the winner will be chosen at random using
- Winner will be notified via Google Plus
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