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LOOOOK! Personalized Plans!
Add YOUR child's name and photo to The Plans I Have for YOU! I didn't think I could love this book any more, but now, they've gone and done it. NOW, you can have your very own personalized The Plans I Have for YOU!  with your very own name and photo through...

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I spent a good hour in the greeting card aisle yesterday. I'm fairly certain I read every. single. Mother's Day card there. Some were funny. ("For all the times you could have smacked me, but didn't...)  Some were flat. ("You're a good mother." Seriously. S...

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RELEASE DAY! Thank You, God, for Grandma & Grandpa
It's release day, friends! And some of you have been waiting for these two for a long, long time. When  Thank You, God, for Mommy and Thank You, God, for Daddy   released in 2011, I expected sales around Mother's Day and Father's Day, with little attention ...

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Review of the Week: "Super bible for kids!"
The Plans I Have for You Holy Bible  released last month, and I've been tickled with the response it's received . . .  Including this review from Meredith :   Super bible for kids!  March 1, 2017 I just gave this to my daughter (after being sent a copy for ...

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Striving to Remember
The following post is a guest blog from Amy's intern--ME! I am thrilled to be spending time with her this semester, and grateful she is giving me a chance to occupy her blog for awhile. For those who are consistent readers, friends, and family, you KNOW she...

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RELEASE DAY: The Plans I Have for You Bible!!!
You know how authors like, oh, Max Lucado and Sarah Young and Dr. John
MacArthur h ave  their own Bibles? Like Bibles with their names on them?
Yeah. So when Zondervan emailed me about a Bible based on my Plans I Have for You series, naturally, I said, "S...

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Review of the Week: "Love love love!"
I promise I didn't pay this lady. (Although someone did send her a free book . . . but still. ;) It absolutely tickles me and gives me added purpose in life (no, seriously.) when I read reviews like this. Someone--and not just anyone--some precious, growing...

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My gift to you: FREE printables!
If you're looking for that special gift to last a lifetime, the Faith, Hope, Love Devotional  may just be it. Of course, I didn't realize that until after  the book was published. I had given the book to a friend, and she later told me that she was doing th...

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Jesus Calling Giveaway!
If somehow you happened to miss it, I'm up on the Jesus Calling blog and podcast this week! (Pinch me!) We talk about my journey from childhood to children's author, as well as the importance of the Bible and the written word. Give it a listen! And what bet...

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NEW RELEASE!!! The Faith, Hope, Love Devotional
Now available! In August, we released the sweetest little trio of board books you ever did see:  How Far Is Faith? , How High Is Hope? , and How Big Is Love? .  And today, we release the grand finale ( drumroll, please ) : the  Faith, Hope, Love Devotional ...
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