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Sarah Bray
Doing a jig; A Small Nation activate!
Doing a jig; A Small Nation activate!

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Ha! +Gwen Bell, thinking of you with this chair "for the modern nomad." :) 

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This makes me feel indescribably small. (via

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"A whisper in a quiet room is all you need." Seth's take on signal-to-noise ratios is a perfect explanation of why our work has to become less about the noise and more about the signal.

A class-act example: my friend +Gwen Bell and the work she's doing at She's a pioneer in lowering noise and increasing signal, and I've been tremendously inspired by the second version of her book.

We can't control the noise, but we can control its quality and quantity in our own space. We can also give ourselves permission to stop competing for attention and to focus on our signal instead.

Ahh...and that just makes me feel happy and light. And a little more philosophical than usual. :)

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I need to stop making these videos or somebody's going to think I'm like this in real life.

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Okay. Most couples have a song. +John Bray and I have THE BEST song. Just saying.

I like the interface. On my wishlist: when I open the screen larger, the stream gets wider and there's more whitespace, rather than adding on the chat bar.

Who's just getting started (at 2am)? This girl.

Oh wow! My wi-fi went out, and I discovered Google Hangouts via iPhone. Wooooo! I think I like it even better than the desktop version. 

Yesterday, I tried writing with my eyes closed so that I wouldn't self-edit (courtesy of +Daphne Gray-Grant's super rad writing suggestions). In 30 minutes, I ended up with 1700 words...of eye-stabbing horribleness. Today, I was so overwhelmed with the editing that needed to be done that I procrastinated all day. Then it took me two hours to fix it, and I'm still not happy with it. Surely I'm doing this wrong.

Has anyone else tried the stream-of-consciousness, quick-writing approach? How does it work for you? (+Colleen Wainwright, I know you read Daphne's work; do you write that way?)

Oh my gosh. Epiphanies at 3am are so annoying. In a good way?
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