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Private Investigations & Computer Forensics: Diligent, professional, cost-efficient, Investigative Techniques using Cutting-Edge Technology.
Private Investigations & Computer Forensics: Diligent, professional, cost-efficient, Investigative Techniques using Cutting-Edge Technology.

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In this month, 20 years ago, Sean Mulholland founded what we now know as today Mulholland Investigation and Forensics. Times change fast, and so have we. Being around for such a time comes invaluable experience that we continue to further as we apply our expertise in many fields (many more than 20 years ago!) so that our clients can be confident in our ability to get the job done with professionalism, hard work, and a little bit of luck. We would like to express our gratitude to all of those who helped us along the way these past couple of decades and hope to include new clients that are in need of services that we can so readily, efficiently, and affordably conduct successfully. The times have changed over the years, and so have we, in order to ensure our clients that we are ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and the infinitely ever-changing world wide web. What hasn't changed, though, is our dedication, passion, and drive to provide the best possible outcome for our clients. We will always be in the game for our clients giving 100%, that will never change. Thank you. #eDiscovery #ComputerForensics #Jacksonville #PrivateInvestigation  

Today, Sean Mulholland gave a presentation to the Rotary Club of Jacksonville about the importance of ‪#‎CyberSecurity‬. Check out this blog post about the presentation!

How secure is your data? Have you checked?
+Mulholland Investigation now has the capability to help make sure you are protected from any attacks on your personal data or breaches in your data security and to help you maintain the highest level of protection over time. #DataSecurity #PenetrationTesting
Check out this blog post for more details on what we can do for you!

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Sean Mulholland of Mulholland Forensics gave a presentation on the subject of #CyberSecurity to CUREN (Credit Union Real Estate Network) on Thursday, March 10th. It was a spirited and very well-received event, and the issue of Cyber Security is an important one.

Here at Mulholland's, we take it very seriously and take care of all of our clients.
Please visit our website ( and browse our list of services to see what we can do for you! {Click on the "Assign/Refer A Case Now" widget to provide us with the information necessary to begin the process.}

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Check out the write-up on Sean Mulholland and Mulholland Investigation/Forensics from the #JaxDailyRecord

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For the past 19 years, Mulholland has provided professional and successful investigative services. The demand for computer and mobile forensics analysis has contributed to the company’s exponential growth. By combining traditional investigative techniques with cutting-edge technology Mulholland has provided clients the results needed to prevail.

We recognize that we are very fortunate and grateful for our all of our many friends and clients that we have contributed to our achieving this 19th year anniversary.
We look forward to continuing success onward to our 20th year and many more!

#MulhollandJax #MulhollandForensics #Jacksonville #Florida  

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