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So, we took what was Bandfu. Rebuilt the backend, and have started on a new UI, and now we have Orbital! Now you can map sounds directly to your keyboard and build your own instruments.

Take you modern (web-audio supporting) browser over there and give it a shot. Adam does a quick overview of the functionality here: Orbital Overview

Let us know what you think. It's more of an experiment now... should we keep making this more awesome?

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Say hello to Orbital, our latest WebAudio experiment! Load it up, press your keyboard, and make some music. Note that it's built to run in Chrome so it probably won't be very musical on other browsers for now. 

Oh, and we included a tutorial to walk you through the basics so no worries if you're a beginner. Enjoy. :)

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Adam talks a bit about Warmly's first 5 days in the market, the power of a self-updating purchase, and what that's meant for our sleep schedule. 

The Beta Society, Version 2

Let's try this all again. Welcome back to The Beta Society. We're going to try and tack advantage of the google+ format and keep things a little more dynamic and alive 'round these parts.

The new mandate: this is an open, all things beta/tech/design/creation—oriented discussion. Feel free to submit your own projects for review, share projects you find around the web, or pitch ideas for feedback.

We welcome all criticism, debate, conversation, prototyping, proofing, and exploration. 

Is there anything you would like to see out of the Beta Society? Let us know. We're listening :)

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Pretty much the entire reason we made Warmly

#Ilovebreakfast #the80s #crepesanddietpepsi

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A great write up from +Darrell Etherington talking to +Adam Kumpf about Warmly and a little talk about what we're trying to do with the Chaos Collective in general (hint: experiment, publish, repeat).

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Introducing Warmly — An android app for a better start to your day.

Let us know what you think, or tell us about how you get yourself up in the morning.

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Adam breaking down what BandFu is all about: friends, synths, and time travel. 
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