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As its paris fashion week I thought it talk about a trend that’s been around for a whileeee now, I mean Parisian style has been around forever but only recently have berets, stripped t’s, picnic bags etc have really come back. I think theres millions of mor...

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Best and worst parts of London Fashion Week SS18
Okay so when I say worst, I don’t mean the worst designer, I honestly didn’t see one designer I didn’t like, plus if you had a show in fashion week – you obviously worked so hard to get there etc etc, and I definitely look up to all these designers. Anyway ...

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last days of summer
Hey beauts!  the next week or so are the last days of summer and im sort of glad its over, it's been a long a stressful one for me, as i sort of was getting my life together and i finally feel like im settling into my new place and job but i'm still trying ...

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My skincare routine with Tropics Skincare
I’ve wanted to talk about my skincare routine for a whileeeee, but tbh I’ve only just found my new found love for skincare, like I loved it before but I just wouldn’t be bothered and I would stick to the same products, usually would be Simple as I have very...

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how i prep for fashion week
Hey everyone! So fashion month is quickly approaching, can you believe its September next month already?! I seriously cant! Anywho, I usually prepare for fashion month a couple of months in advance, this time I’ve decided to just give it a month before, as ...

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golden hour ~ w NPire
I’m styling this gorg jumpsuit with Npire, I definitely am back to wearing black again, and it’s so good for right now as I’ve definitely gained weight since going vegetarian (I was vegan for a year). I paired it with this amazing jacket from Primark, who k...

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my experience working in retail
I wanted to talk about this for a while now, I really felt like I didn’t have the best experiences in every day job I’ve had to be honest. But day that I’ve found a day job I actually think is for me and a job that relates to blogging, I thought I’d finally...

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c i t y g i r l ft @icewatch
City Tanner Taupe Rose Gold watch Lucy XO

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graduating, is it worth it? and the grades i got.
I graduated from university last week, so I wanted speak
about how im feeling about the whole degree thing here. I spoke about how I was feeling a few posts back so if you
read that this wont be news to you but I honestly don’t agree with education at
a uni...

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i have to cover up just because i have a larger chest...
I've been thinking about this rather a lot lately, don’t know if its because a few bloggers I know have the ‘blogger body’ which seems to be – slim or curvy with a minimal bust if you know what I mean yeah. Not every blogger but most top ones, hola if you a...
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