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What's that over there?
What's that over there?


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Hello, everyone! I'm a relatively new knitter working on a small exploratory project at the moment that you all may be interested in. I learned a technique for double-knitting with a single yarn, and I decided to experiment; this is a piece which has a pocket knit directly into it. It's still in progress at the moment, but you can see the layers in the middle. I thought it was an intriguing idea; what do you think?

So I had an idea, and I'd like to know if it might be feasible:

-Automated Google Voice-based wake-up call
Basically, to be able to set up an automatic phone call from a Google Voice number to a specified phone number (my cell phone, for instance) at a specified time of day. It'd be even cooler to be able to set alarms based on events in a Google calendar or something like that, but that's not really important.

Would something like this be possible without an extensive knowledge of scripting and/or programming?
Would it even be possible /with/ some actual programming knowledge?

Is there any way to get the long-press back button app kill and long-press home button Google Now with pie controls?

The CyanogenMod 11 6x6 lockscreen has returned as of a few days ago, but pie controls are still missing. I've installed the GravityBox Xposed module, but it's missing features (long-press back button and long-press home Google button)...
Is there any word on whether the pie controls will be returning?

Is there a way to have a book with separate parts that restarts the numbering for each part? It might seem a bit silly, but it's easier than dealing with printing off several different files each time a major update is made.

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I've been having issues with the 12/21 and 12/23 nightlies and Chrome/YouTube/Play Music force-closing. Is this a known issue, and is there a fix?

I accidentally updated to CM11 and I can't figure out if/how to flash back to 10.2 nightlies, as they appear to have vanished. Are they still being built for xt907, or am I stuck?

My xt907 decided to randomly shut down last night, and now it won't even start to boot. I had just attempted to use CyanDelta to flash from 9/5 to 9/9, and the flash failed, so after the reboot I was about to manually flash from recovery when it went down. The battery level was somewhere around 45% or so. Can anyone tell me a) why this might have happened and b) how I might be able to get it to boot to recovery so I can flash the 9/9 ROM?

I can't find the mythical Cyanogenmod 10.1 GSM fix for xt907; can someone help? Someone posted in the dev thread that they would put one up, but I've searched the whole thread after that and there isn't one there.
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