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Do you like iphone5 ?
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Hm. No :( I didn't even bother buying it.
kelly M
yep i have one 
My wife and both sons have iPhones. I still have an old "feature phone", ca 2007.
Nope just went from Apple to Samsung and have never been happier!
tooo small for me, I have a samsung galaxy note II too, best for mobile reading and surfing (+playing some games), Its big, but I like it
The Nexus 4 is the best small-sized smartphone right now, while the Note 2 is (by far) the best large smartphone.

The iPhone is something you buy because you think it makes you look cool, but in truth it only makes you look like you have no clue of what to buy. People are realizing this, but the news still has to reach everybody.
+Flavio Zanda Wow, that's an insulting thing to say. I prefer the iPhone because of the interface. Don't assume people are luddites just because of what they buy.
I never got my Iphone 5 to be popular. I got it because I had the 3gs for the full 3yr term of my contract and never had an issue with it. I asked all the ppl i know which phone they liked and what problems did they have. Iphone owners only had problems with there service. other phones would freeze up. or overwhelm ppl with to many options that for the most part are nice but not needed. 
+Rajneesh Nair I didn't mean it as an insult, I just stated that most people who buy the iPhone have no clue of what they are doing... Those who buy it because they actually like it for actual reasons are very few, and they pay the price of all the other mindless buyers.

I understand you like the interface, and I agree that it's a nice and simple one. Still I would give a look at Jellybean if I was you. It is commonly known that Android now has a better and more modern UI nowadays than iOS. Things might change with iOS7, but that's how things are for now...
+Flavio Zanda Ah, okay. I think I get where you're coming from now. I just felt like you generalized, but I understand your argument.
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