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I would get a psychic reading if I was a dipshit or psychotic. I am neither. I don't believe in mind readers or perceivers of my future, past, and certainly not my current situation. I can fucking guide myself and that alone is gifted. Claims of foolishness nonsense psychic ability and of mediumship is derived from ridiculous and shameful low self esteem to epic proportions or grand upscale depression or perhaps bipolar or schizophrenia in symptoms of supernatural grandiose, according to science. I already tell myself what I want to hear for justification and comfort purposes. My decisions are always insightful because they are mine. Due respect your way regardless for effort and stupidity of high monuments. I am God too and fuck that I even believe in this impressive load of your justification of insanity or you delusional search of false forms of sought comfort that you project onto yourself and others at their gullible and your naive cost. Only fools and the suited gullible population can convince themselves are the same for truly believing. Neither of you are any different. My ass is just. 
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My wife. Beautiful and I love you. 

Hey baby. Watching you sleep now and praying migraines will go away sooner than soon. I figured out how we can add our songs to our playlists and why it wasn't working and I had to make your profile again to do it. I accidentally added my page again being on wrong account haha but I fixed it. We have to have this stupid profile to add songs. I love you beautiful!!
Love your wife,
Jenna doodle
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