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Nick Payne
A random science fiction loving Christian guy from an edge of the empire Roman market town.
A random science fiction loving Christian guy from an edge of the empire Roman market town.

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In my current adventure I've reached a potentially dangerous turning point. We've arrived on an island which is central to my character's backstory. It's basically a sanctuary for an elven bowl/grail. The island's protectors (including my parents), died many years ago defending against fiends. There was also a bronze dragon on the island who died, but her wyrmling survived.

Essentially my party are all faffing about trying to repair aqueducts in the temple in order to preserve the blessed water that pours over a crystal cavern sustaining the crystals that we think contain heroes in suspended animation.

We've already been attacked by ogres and beaten them... but they caused further damage to the temple. Then hags came and caused trouble. I've decided that we need to deal with the present danger before dealing with the crystal degradation.

The DM seemed to be trying to steer us towards going towards the dragon's lair. Seeing as the dragon was bronze and fighting alongside the islanders, I've determned she was good... and that somehow or other it might be a good idea to try to enlist the help of the wyrmling who is now more mature. I think the hags see him or us as a threat, as they are trying to get us to try and kill it.

My plan is to try and appeal to the dragon's inherent goodness and make it clear that I come from the same people who his kin were friends with. I am going to shoot some game and leave it on a spit outside the dragon's cave with the symbol of the order and a simple message "I come in peace and respect and wish to talk. Do you speak common tongue? I mean kn ow harm."

I've got a reasonable chance of success here. I'm affiliated with the island... and lost my parents who were defending it, too. I'm neutral good.

On the surface of things, I should be okay... BUT

That dragon could be feryl or twisted... having not been raised to adulthood by his mother. I'm a level 8 ranger... and all I have for company at this time... is my ape companion.

Every time I come up with a cool idea though, it backfires... either because the narrative works against me or the fact I only seem to roll critical 20's when I'm unarmed and resorting to kicking evil dwarves in the gonads.

Oh and that moonblade we had? That went the way of the dodo after I decided to try and resolve matters peacably and honourably.

So on a scale 0f 1-10... just how stuffed am I?

Oh and apparently the DM raised his eyebrow when I set off, although that said... he has allowed me to find it on a decent roll.


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My hometown had a superhero v super villain themed street market last weekend. I decided to suit up as the Scarlet Spider (I personally hope PAD brings him back to some level of sanity in the current run).

Just joined this group and am a relative newbie to the D&D community (aside from a brief dalliance with Hero Quest back in the 80's, I've only been playing for about a year... something like 10 sessions to date).

We're playing in Eberron. I'm still on my first character who is a wood elf ranger (group didn't have one originally so I filled the void). I was originally a hunter but when the new rules came out and the beast companion thing became more viable, I switched into that. It looks like it will finally be time for my personal quest next time... so I'm looking forward to that.

I'm currently bemoaning the loss of a McGuffin I recovered 3 games ago. It was a "Genesis Seed", a device that under the right circumstances had the potential to create a pocket dimension. I sacrificed it to stop a magical nuke destroying the arcane university. If I'd have critically failed on the percentile dice I would have wiped out the entire party and hundreds of miles of Eberron (yay), if I'd have critically succeeded it would have begun the first stage of transformation.

We recently came across and purchased a moonblade - which has had 2 previous owners, at the arcane uni auction. There are only two elves in the party and I'm the only one who is neutral good aligned. We seriously pee'd off an ambassador by acquiring it. I'm wondering, given my alignment... if the DM is intending for me to be able to attune to with it before going off on the big adventure for my character. I have the right race & stats... the big question is the lineage. Our other elf probably has a closer claim in lineage as he is a high elf, but he's a wizard (one who is prone to losing his arm (and life)), and he is chaotic neutral - he goes around scooping up sacrifical blood for research and shattering skyscrapers that are still occupied... I can't see the blade adopting him.

My theory is that storywise... the sword might be for me to claim... or else it really should go to the ambassador. As a neutral good I want to check if I have a claim first though. If I succeed and the ambassador decides he's not happy about that and wants revenge, I'll simply point out that the blade will *never* accept him if he arranges my murder, because I'll be one of the souls scrutinising his worthiness after my death.... and I would also caution him that his willingness to act out his covetousness is a good indicator the sword won't accept him anyway. What do you think?

When I'm eventually done with my elf (he's only level 8 so it should be a while yet unless he dies and is unable to be rezzed), I intend to try out a warforged character. I'd like to start him out as a fighter (so he gets saving rolls on his strengths), but then switch to Paladin after say level 3.

Would be grateful for any thoughts, input or suggestions on any of that.

Level VIII Gear Glitch.

I've succumbed to the level 8 gear absence phenomenon on ME: Andromeda. All the vendors have nothing to sell (except consumables and things I've sold them previously), none of my strike teams are coming back with loot (gold, silver and bronze item loot boxes open into nothing and vanish... and despite having the cryo pod that allows me to get some weapons and armour from other loot drops, I'm getting zilch).

I'm reassured by other people who've had this problem that it is literally just level VIII items that this occurs with, and when I get to level IX items, the problem miraculously resolves. Currently I'm level 64... so 6 levels of grind to go.

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What does your Pathfinder psychological profile come out like?

Noticed something quite cool about ME: Andromeda. Unlike previous games you start out as a blank slate and your decisions contribute to an ongoing psychological profile tailored to how you played the character. I took decisions largely based on how I thought I genuinely would in the circumstances presented, so I'm wondering how close the profile actually is to me. Here it is:

"You exhibit heart and empathy in many situations. Also, the passion that you bring to your role as Pathfinder does not go unnoticed by those who work alongside you. In fact it may be a key component in drawing others to you.

However I would say that all this is completely in line with your tendency to act impulsively in many situations. To go with your gut rather Han pause & wait for more information.

I would add...

Although, you've had to quickly adjust to take on a new and unexpected role, you maintain a direct and professional demeanour. My guess is that your former military training and subsequent experience with command structure is serving you well here. Or perhaps a solid and respectful approach to things is just your nature."

The crew codex seems equally nuanced and more in depth, it kind of ranks the strength of friendships & relationships.

I like that.

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Finished the single player of ME:A last night. Here's my Ryder, just before I reached that point. I eventually maxed my team out. Still have a few side missions to chase.

Ryder started out in the deep space explorer outfit but later moved to N7 as an homage & Mark of respect to his dad. Later as he came to accept and define the role of Pathfinder for himself, he moved to his own unique personal armour. I might tell you some of his choices in the comments but not here,as I want to avoid spoilers without warning.
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Strike Team question. While it seems you can only have one lot of equipment slotted at any time, you can have several traits. Does anybody know what the maximum amount of traits any given strike team can accumulate is?

Oh Google+ What have you done????????? So much junk that I don't follow in my timeline. Have you joined Facebook and gone over to the dark side?

Just signed up last night and started getting into this. I wanted my character to be gravity based, so I'm focussing on space powers and have created a character called "Lunarboy" after my old college nickname.

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