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We love the Work You Hate
We love the Work You Hate

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How to Handle a Commercial Removal
Platinum Removals has handled various commercial removals projects and we’d love to share with you our experiences so you can handle your office move smoothly too! A move will not only affect your employees but your customers, vendors, and suppliers too. Ta...

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Keeping in Touch after Moving
At Platinum Removals Bondi, we understand how hard it is saying goodbye to old friends. Whether for a few months or a few years, there is always nostalgia attached to a home including the sights and sounds, and friends and neighbours. The further you move, ...

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A Removalists Take on a Home that needs Fixing
We’ve realized a few things over the years through our observation and customers’ feedback as well. We know that to transform a house into a home requires some work. But when does it become too much? Here are some tips from our removalists in Sydney to help...

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Things to do to prepare for your Office Move
During the hustle and bustle of a move, business owners tend to overlook certain things. Hence, we state some tips in hopes they help you get ahead when the office move is nearing. Communicate with Clients Clients who need services done are going to be the ...

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How to minimize Downtime during Office Removals
Removals can be stressful for anybody including office moves. Accounts, phone calls, emails, and all the work that need to be done get incomplete which is a lost business opportunity. So, how can we reduce the downtime of a business? Weekend or After hours ...

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Tipping your removals guys
Not many people would think twice about the movers on the moving day amidst all the chaos but that goes without saying that a simple gesture like a “Thank You” would go a long way for us to show appreciation for all the work we’ve done! Nevertheless, we wou...

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Downsizing – How to move into a smaller home
Moving companies know just how tough it truly is for customers who are downsizing as there are so many things to get rid of! Hence, Platinum Removals has consolidated some useful tips whenever you need to move into a smaller living space. Check out your new...

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How to load up your moving vehicle
Now you’ve got your rented truck ready, you need to know how to fully utilize the space to its maximum capability. That doesn’t mean getting as many things in there but instead to ensure they are intact by following these RIGHT way of loading them. 1. Heavy...

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How to move safely!
It is common for people to move out on their own these days which is fine but definitely needs to be accompanied by safety guidelines. Here are some tips from us… Load items safely An efficient method to load things onto your truck without them falling over...

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Tips for moving out on your own
There is a first to everything for everyone and moving out is just another process. You need to be well-prepared like how you did for every other activity. Let us help you with it a few tips of your own. Ask for help! Never be ashamed to seek help from fami...
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