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Wow. Lots of great tips on how to make Google+ more relevant to you. And importantly, why it matters. Thanks Christopher!
Posted an extensive article on "Managing your Social Graph with Google+" in my Life With Alacrity blog. Feel free to comment here rather then the blog if you prefer.

reminder from @deathendsfun- dilip d'souza - "I'm with Dylan 'How many deaths will it take till we know/That too many people have died?'"

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check out #heretohelp #needhelp and #mumbaiblasts on twitter along with the googledocs and fb stuff
Out of tragedy a really amazing story. Watching Mumbaikars organise rides and other assistance using Twitter, Google Docs and Facebook is a testament to the human spirit. Check out #here2help on Twitter.

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check out #needhelp and help if you can. for folks not on twitter

mumbai help spreadsheet - offers of help across the city being compiled in an open doc #mumbaiblasts

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and email!
Bombay folks, hope you're all okay.

Stay indoors - leave the roads to the ambulances and cops - and don't jam the phone lines - use SMS, Twitter, Google+, Facebook instead

Ouch bomb blasts in my neighbourhood about a km from my home at kabutarkhana in dadar west. 3 explosions already in the city. Dadar, Zaveri Bazaar, Opera House - all very crowded areas

so was just chatting with +Aparna Ray and we were both cribbing that despite changing our privacy settings only for our circles we are being added by random folk. i dislike that i've had to change to a more private mode already but i'm being added to all sorts of circles by folks i don't know at all and in different languages too like bahasa!

been wondering - can you edit out or delete comments on your updates, from people who aren't in your circles. how does Google+ deal with "spam"?
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