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Plato Academy and Superior Schools Collaborate with schools in Greece to Shape Global Citizens
     It is not a secret that teachers often
spend a good chunk of their personal time to do things that are school related,
and I am hardly the exception to that rule. 
Two weeks ago I took advantage of the weeklong break during Thanksgiving
Week to travel ...

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2 Simple Ways to Create Digital Textbooks in the Classroom
This article was first posted on Daily Genius in June 2015 Textbooks are an irrevocable part of every classroom, and sometimes, they constitute the classroom, school, or district curriculum. Teachers rely on them to teach concepts, and use them to illustrat...

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How to use Osmo in the Classroom
This article was first posted on Daily Genius in April 2015 Today the field of educational
technology is literally bombarded with new ideas and devices that promise to
revolutionize the way we teach.   Some of
these newcomers have strong potential and promi...

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Check out how to use Osmo in an One iPad Classroom that is equipped with an Apple TV

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3 Apps You Can Use to Create eBooks in the Classroom
This article was first published on Daily Genius Digital books are transforming the way students of all ages
learn today.   The interactive elements of
digital books enhance the learning experience, making it far more informative
and interesting than before...

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3 EdTech Tools for the One iPad Classroom
This article was first appeared on Daily Genius iPads are amazing learning instruments that can improve
instruction and student engagement dramatically.   Those of us privileged enough to work in 1:1
iPad classrooms can attest to that.   But
lets be realist...

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How to Use App Smashing on the iPad to Create an iBook Example
Thank you to all of you who contacted me after you read my last post on Daily Genius on app smashing .  Many of you have asked for a specific example.  Here is a step-by-step sample process. You do not have to use ALL of the steps, as you can pick and choos...
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