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Graham Clements
I am an Australian science fiction writer.
I am an Australian science fiction writer.


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I have been absent for a bit from google+. Very busy studying. I am doing a BA in Internet communications online, mostly at Curtin University, but I have done electives from Griffith, Macquarie and RMIT. I have done a bit of web design in the subject. One of my subjects at the moment has me working with two others to create a website about creative technologies. Apart from helping to build the website my main contribution is two videos on 3D printing. If you take a look, please like our site or videos.
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Creative Digitools
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Hi all - keeping our website up.

I am hoping that everyone, especially Meghan who's name the website is under, I think, would agree to keeping our website online indefinitely.


Submitted and thanks

Meghan, Sharon, Alice, Zach, thanks for being cooperative and hard working team mates. If we meet again in another subject that requires team work I will try to get in a team with you guys. I hope we do well, we deserve to with all the work we put in. See you back on the course forums.

When I looked through word document download, there were about five double spaces shown by blue lines. I went and fixed then in website. Hard to see.

not a complaint, but a warning, the references did not format properly when I downloaded the diary and report submission.

I finished proofreading the website. just a few tiny changes, most to do with double spaces. I reflected the changes in the actual report. I found two links to add while reading which I did. And I checked all the links. I can't think of anything else to do. I am about to try and export the site which hopefully will make a zip file copy of it in case something happens.

What exactly goes in the caption of the picture? Some have the image creator some don't. Is it the source, year, and description?

I added this heading to the trust section: Uber is an intermediary - I did this because Sharon's section linked to the discussion on intermediation on the trust page. When I put in the link, it was not obvious what had been linked to and where a user should start reading.

I have added an image to the site on gig economy page. no idea what figure to caption it with. Added the reference to the reference page, but the page would not let me use tab or indent to indent it.

I have a problem with the links, Alice wants a link on the word disruptive in her section to sharon's page, but I can't locate where to link it to on Sharon's page, I can't find a much of a discussion on Disruption.
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