Recording posted of the public consultation on which compounds to make next in the arylpyrrole series. This kind of online meeting, where anyone could turn up and advise, was very useful, a few technical glitches notwithstanding. We'll be doing more of these soon.

As with any open science project, sharing of data is important, but so is the sharing of the research process, so that anyone can advise in how the project should move forward. Thanks to +Brian Glanz Chris Southan, Peter Murray-Rust, +Sanjay Batra and everyone else for showing up, and +Paul Ylioja for nifty real-time Chemdraw skills.

We are, by the way, still in need of someone (e.g. CROs?) to make compounds sF and sH shown here: If anyone has any suggestions of people who might want to make these fairly simple compounds and get involved, please say.
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