Beautiful work from +Iain Wallace - active antimalarials' targets expressed as compound similarity maps. Summary post:

...with links to the primary data therein. #Cytoscape users can enjoy the full experience by downloading the .cys files.

Iain - what this generates in my mind is thoughts about what to make next, for which we'd need easy visualization of structures, but that's possible within cytoscape. However, a short-term question I ask myself is whether we can gain access to these compounds - i.e. whether a commercial supplier is listed for any of them. But then I realise that these compounds are grouped by predicted biological target, meaning we ought to be using that aspect of the data, meaning we need to know if any of these compounds have KNOWN (proven) targets, i.e. the strength of the predicted target for a given compound depends on the aggregated strengths of the predictions of the surrounding compounds - is that right?
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