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59 commercially available meta-substituted boronic acid/esters from Boron Molecular.  Based on recent results from the amino-thienopyrimidine series what do you think looks like the most interesting to purchase?  
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34 - carboxylic acid
35 - reverse sulfonamide
38 - methyl ester
15 - amide
46 - oxadiazole
17 - amide
27 - alcohol
Given the inactivity of the amides, and the likelihood that the reverse amides might be labile, I'd go for amines and amide isosteres, so the oxadiazole is looking better. Are there any striking differences in price?
27, 34, 35 and 38 are all cheap (less the $40 per g).  2 is $171 for 1 g and for some reason, the oxadiazoles are POA so I'd imagine expensive
also, I agree that the reverse sulfonamides look attractive. A seach of the ChEMBL data reveals 124 antimalarial compounds containing a thienopyrimidine core. Not all have IC 50 data against plasmodium falciparum and therefore its not simple to compare. However, I found some compounds of coming.
Additionally, I looked into bioisosteres of sulfonamides and found this paper: DOI: 10.1002/cmdc.201200014
Sulfonimidamides as Sulfonamides Bioisosteres: Rational Evaluation
through Synthetic, in Vitro, and in Vivo Studies with g-Secretase Inhibitors
which could validate exploration of some sulfonimidamides.
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