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Investigating cheating spouses is our JRS investigators specialty.  Whether you simply want the truth for your peace of mind or need the proof of infidelity for court…we can assist.  Our Investigators will effectively gather evidence and facts to prove your case. Our investigators will make your life peaceful once again.  Are you are tired of feeling “paranoid”? Then you need to act now!
If you suspect a cheating spouse …you need to get the scoop! Don’t allow yourself to be blinded by the emotions caused by a cheating partner …. investigate today.
We are licensed and capable to handle all complex cases to include surveillance, GSP monitoring, locates, witness statements, panel investigations, polygraphs, statements, criminal records search, civil records search, background investigations and pre-employment investigations at reasonable rates.
Does your spouse….
Spend excessive time away (common excuses given are business trips, shopping, hanging with friends, gym, and “alone time”?
Suddenly act cold and distant, with a “take it or leave it” attitude?
Show reluctance or make excuses when attempting to initiate physical intimacy?
Make an effort to improve their physical appearance more than usual?
Spend more time on the computer and cell phone?
Have new hobbies and interests?
Act eager and excited to get out the door?
Clean the car more often than usual?
Leave the room to answer the phone or quickly change the computer screen when you enter?
Not answer calls when away from home?
Freshly clear email, browsing history and text messages?
Go to bed at different hours?
Have new friends and social circles?
Make excuses as to why you cannot be involved in their plans?
Arrive home in different clothes than they left in?
Take money from the bank account or have secret credit cards?
Exhibit cycles of distant behavior followed by days of acting unusually pleasant?
Get caught in lies?
Give cryptic and unclear explanations when asked a direct question?
Throw around wild, unwarranted accusations of infidelity?
If any of these signs are familiar you have good reason to be suspicious of your spouse.
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