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When it comes to the internet, everything a person desires is just a few mouse clicks away.  Movie tickets, driving directions, entertainment and more- if you know where to look, it can be yours, including an affair.
For millions of people every day, the appeal of an internet affair is the power of anonymity.  As opposed to real life where your looks, words and actions are unchangeable, the internet allows people to be whoever they want to be.  This makes people far more comfortable to share aspects of their personality that would otherwise go hidden.
Not to mention how easy it is. From instant messages and emails to message boards and chat rooms, the sheer number of opportunities to cheat provided by the internet makes it very attractive to those inclined to do so.
There are several red flags that should raise suspicions about an internet affair:
The spouse spends excessive time online, at late or strange hours
The spouse gets defensive when questioned about the excess usage
A demand for privacy when on the computer
Frantic mouse clicks, minimized windows and closed screen when you approach
Relocation of the computer to a new area that is positioned out of view
Freshly cleared internet history and recycling bin after the spouse uses the computer
Installation of auto history cleaning programs
Compulsive desire to be online that is atypical from the past
Alertness, irritated looks, rudeness and general uneasiness when coming near the spouse on the computer
Reluctance to allow you on the computer
Suddenly insisting to use the computer at the exact moment you attempt to
Reluctance to share passwords to , email , chat, buddy lists and other communications
Acting excited or unusually happy when on the computer
Frequent chat room or instant message usage
The spouse constantly writes emails

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