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+Nadia L, aimerais-tu recevoir un CV demême?!

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So BREAKING NEWS from Ottawa (CBC news to specify) 
ANGRY BIRDs are attacking pedestrians on parliment hill!
This video is hilarious!

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Contest! Oh wait, Canadian contest!!! By maple syrup. No wait, mobile syrup (it's just the season: everything maple syrup right now. Yumm!

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Go to the website and click "j'aime"... I'm in to win a $1000 prize... please share too!!!  Veuillez allez au site et cliquer j'aime, je suis inscrite pour gagner 1000$... SVP partagez!

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Hope 2012 was good to everyone! Despite your answers, I really hope 2013 treats you (even) better!


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that's a pinata worth fighting for!

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I want this phone!

Welcome to 2012... first month: friday the 13th... 2nd month: has an extra day for some odd reason, that hasn't happened in 4 years... i don't know about the rest though

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I don't know if cholesterol would kill me or if diabetes would kill me if I ate this... but making just one of the layers wouldn't be as bad.
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