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Jens Oliver Meiert
The German answer to Winston Wolfe
The German answer to Winston Wolfe

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Last year I built the New Tab Traffic Randomizer #extension, No one uses it but I find it effective to add some randomness to one’s online trail, and I believe in the idea. Thoughts on how to make its benefits more clear, and how to improve it?

(Source code:

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The Reset Style Sheet Exposer #extension is now called Reset Style Sheet Highlighter: 😇

(Source code:

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#Highlights from Dewey’s How We #Think:

“The very importance of thought for life makes necessary its control by education because of its natural tendency to go astray, and because social influences exist that tend to form habits of thought leading to inadequate and erroneous beliefs.”

“#Society cannot hope for a just and peaceful civilisation unless each individual feels the need to be concerned about his fellows.”

—Elizabeth Alexandra Mary: The Queen’s Christmas Speeches (1952–2010), (2011).

I read a book of speeches by England’s monarch and that was what stood out.

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Two #Paradigms of Web #Development:

Separation of concerns or “anything goes?” A note on how web development has changed, and another distinction to make.

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The Great Web #Maintainability Survey Results:

Now the real work begins. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Why I’m Suspending Interviews with U.S. Companies:

Over the last few quarters I was in conversations to move back to the United States. Over the last few weeks I noticed that that would feel like endorsing U.S. #policy, and contradict my #principles and #values.

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The Simple Answer to All Our #Terrorism Problems:

How about we stop invading countries and murdering people. How about we allow those who are too afraid to live in #freedom to live in supermax prisons (for free). And how about we finally remove from office who ever propose to violate a human #right.

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For a few days I returned to one of my favorite cities, a place I’ve spent much time at during my world travels: #Istanbul.

It turned out to be a much quieter trip than I had envisioned, but it was all the more meaningful. On the one hand, it led to some new study results, corroborating my philosophical work. On the other hand it gave me time to catch up with one friend and say goodbye, for now, to two others.

The these days compulsory political note: Not now. The case with Turkey is much more obscure and hence more difficult for me to comment on than it is with other western countries that quite evidently terrorize their own people (human #rights violations starting with ever weaker privacy protections) as well as foreign people (economic and military violence). Life is all about #freedom and #growth, freedom and growth are sometimes painful, but surveillance and violence are quite truly anti-life. (More very soon.)

Other magical places apart from Istanbul? Venice and Jerusalem. There are some places with quite some history or energy to them but together with Istanbul I’ve found these to stand out the most. (I think I forgot another place that impressed me but, well.)
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