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Create easily your own App, no code needed!
Create easily your own App, no code needed!

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Artistic World: launched April 20th, 2016 on Google Play and Powered by Reservoir Apps.

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Incredible Cars: launched April 19th, 2016 and Powered by Reservoir Apps

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You can choose to connect to your Flickr, Picasa or your Instagram account  in the "Image Gallery Tab".
You also can click on "custom" and begin to create your gallery into the CMS. You can create as many gallery as you want, put an icon image and name each of them.
If you choose to create only one, no need to put an icon image, your gallery will appear when user open the tab. Click on  "Add New Gallery" to add one. Begin to enter the Name of your Gallery, then upload your Thumbnail, select Gallery type, ….
Select your image to upload, save it and click on Description.
It will open you a WYSIWYG editor when you will be able to enter html code or simply a text.
You can reorder images like gallery by a simple drag and drop.

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You want your content available on all devices. Your App is available on smartphone and tablets. You can manage it the way you want and make any update you need. You content is updated and available in seconds. Now you want users to be able to view it quickly. You can use push notifications to do it. You can also put a link to your content in the homescreen of your App. (Very often users don’t want push notifications anymore). So, you have to make a new image for the homescreen. A good presentation for users. They will like it to click on it and they will open your content tab. More on

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Graphics is one of the most important part when you create an App.
It can be more important than the code!
Users will see first graphics, then after they will test your app and they will see fonctionality.
When you begin to create an App, you have to set up your background images, your icon tab, your different images.
You often use photoshop to resize and optimize images. Some icon have to be in .png (splashscreen, icon app) and some can be export in .jpg.
Attention has to be make to the images size and resolution. App has to be fast and can’t be slow down by bad images.

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Small Businesses need to manage their mobile application regularly, sometimes daily, often weekly.
They need to stay close to their clients, send push notifications, send infos about events, price products, and much more…
They can do that with the Reservoir Apps CMS, the best of the mobile market.
They will be able to create easily their app with it. Once published on Google Play and Appstore, they will be able to manage their App. No need to republish to add a single line of text!!
The entire App is customizable. everything can be changed in minutes.
Come to check, the future is now!

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Nowadays, you need to have the best tools to manage your content online.
It’s time to go mobile for anyone who have a business online.
It’s time to manage and update any content you have with a mobile Content Management System.
A native App completely manageable! A powerful CMS where you can switch any tab by a single drag and drop, in realtime! Where all modifications are viewable in seconds for Android, iOS and Html5 website.
First you will have your account open with a few tabs to begin. You will upload your background images, your icon tabs, your content inside the tabs.
Second, once published on stores, you will manage and update your content.
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