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God made "Spotlight" win the Oscar so that the world will see that the Catholic church isn't "God's church".

Jesus said the child rape was unforgivable in Matthew 18:6-14, and that you shoudl punish every pedophile priest and find every victim.
As you watch "Spotlight", at every situation where the Catholic church has a decision to make, ask "What would Jesus do", and "What would satan do". In 100% of cases, the Catholic church chose what satan would do.

The Catholic church continues to sin every day by being defiant in evil, refusing to punish known pedophile priests, and refusing to find and help victims, despite so many victims committing suicide.
Thanks to this win, every teenager will see Spotlight at some point, and it will be enough to prove that the Catholic church isn't "God's church", and millions of future families will leave the Catholic church and never come back.

Thank God for "Spotlight".
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Of course Catholics are going to hate it because it shows that their church is a child rape syndicate.

Unfortunately, the 100,000+ child rape victims of the Catholic church worldwide didn't have a chance to get away from their pedophile priests, but you do in this game.
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