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no huddle on pc? is this just a mobile thing?
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Not sure about the huddle thing, but I been using google+ on my laptop with no problem
i think huddle is just for mobile. mobile version of group chat im thinking...would be nice if you could access it on pc too. im digging this on the pc!
Yeah I like it so far, fb has been getting played out anyway, and their new mobile update for it was totally fucked up, I was reading the comments people had left on market for the developers and everyone is having the same issue
Huddle on the pc is up to ten people on the webcam isn't it?
oh yes sorry im new to this.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LoL Think we all fit in this category right now.
lol hmmm i think your right.....
thanks. huddle doesnt work on my tablet. i can view profile but not messages
or is this huddle im typing in?
Nope this is not huddle
Huddle is group messaging for mobile, hangout is group video calling for PC. At least right now. 
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