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Why is this Hindu hater not being arrested? he is a top cleric from Hyderabad abusing Hindu gods and Hindus. His name is Sheikh Meraj Rabbani and dreams of converting entire India by force or fraud in 3 years.
Why is this Hindu hater not being arrested? he is a top cleric from Hyderabad abusing Hindu gods and Hindus. His name is Sheikh Meraj Rabbani and dreams of converting entire India by force or fraud in 3 years.

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New expose!!! Sanjeev (IIT-IIM), founder of Agniveer completely destroys JNU separatists, Kanhaiya Kumar and their sympathizers in this new video. Sanjeev says it was inspired by Barkha Dutt's rant on intolerance in Kolkata. He now exposes her by her own logic. 

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Agniveer scientists make breakthrough to remove hunger from world.
Agniveer Scientific Research team members stole the show at world's largest agri-technology conference with their research. Our humble offering to Bharat Mata.

Why eat beef when vegetables can solve all hunger and health issues?

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No more Aam Aadmi. I refuse to accept any Indian is an “Aam Aadmi”. I refuse to label any Indian as a mediocre. We are legends, individually. And as a team, we are simply insurmountable.


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We will face any temperature, any torture, any challenge, any bomb blast, any gun-firing, any missile for you. But don’t choose to see art in insult of my Mother. I want nothing else from you. Must read for all India lovers

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A Soldier Reviews Haider! Must read and circulate!

New article on Agniveer

I am an ex-armyman. I was stationed in Kashmir in mid-nineties. This was the same period when hordes of militants from across the border infiltrated in Kashmir to spread terror. Lashkar-e-Taiba, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and scores of other terrorist groups were having a free-for-all rampage in Kashmir. They would infiltrate from Pakistan, recruit cadre, take them to Pakistan for training, bring them back and perform heinous acts of terror.

This was the same period when half a million Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs were massacred and forced to flee the valley.

This was the same period when Kashmir burnt under fundamentalism. It was next to impossible to differentiate between a peaceful nationalist and a killing-machine.

And it is the same period around which the film “Haider” by Vishal Bharadwaj, Shahid Kapoor and anti-India jihadi writer Basharat Peer has been made and adored by “critics”.

Full review here

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