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Nathan Scholten

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Please vote for my doggies! It's for a great cause. :)
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Nathan Scholten

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Conservative logic bomb.
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Nathan Scholten

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Man, I still need to get that aluminum pole out of the crawlspace.... :)
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Hopefully you guys do the feats of strength as well.
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Nathan Scholten

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Nathan Scholten

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Oh yeah, Happy July 4th everyone! :) Happy Independence Day, America! :)
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Nathan Scholten

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This is what Halo would have been like if +Jennifer Stofer had her way with it. I'd still totally play it too. :)
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Nathan Scholten

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I cannot stop laughing at this. I keep Kallie on a leash so I don't wind up in situations like this one.
Jim Sterling originally shared:
I no longer have to explain to people what Britain's like now that this video exists. Everything you need to know is summed up perfectly:

Fenton!! Fenton!! Fenton!! Oh Jesus Christ!!!
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Nathan Scholten

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Gary Whitta originally shared:
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Both are still totally awesome. Both in acting and views.
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I will never call you "sugarpop". :)
Uhhh, my name is Nate. I run transport for a Spay-Neuter Clinic in South Central Indiana. I now have two awesome dogs! I have a black lab/chow mix named Kaldea, and a sweet, yappy chihuahua named Lola. I also have many wonderful friends on and offline! Yay! <3
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I'm still alive and learning! I am one of 200 people who won a Bayonetta t-shirt designed by Kiko from Penny Arcade AND I almost died on my flight back from PAX in 2009. Also, my hands have been called both "dainty" and "cute". Gave money to Bob Dobbs. :D
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