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Sadly, despite the hype and impressive feature-set, upon closer inspection the Galaxy Nexus is yet another "could've been" phone from Google. The most mature, most promising version of Android to date that cannot escape the usual annoying 'work in progress' feel that Google has gotten us used to and some totally nonsensical hardware decisions --- including too many cut corners (extremely crappy camera sensor and optics, mediocre audio -- the DACs and speaker really suck, cheap construction overall, relatively slow CPU) that ruin it for some. It's a shame really, for it could've been a truly amazing device. Oh, and can someone explain who exactly took the decision to include Greek localization on Android 4.0.1, but thought that Greek support in the stock Android Keyboard (LatinIME) can be omitted, especially given that it only needs two frickin' XML files.

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If you use the Greek language/script and monospace fonts daily (a relatively rare combination, I know), please check this post out --- you can help improve the new monospace Ubuntu Mono font for Greek. If you're interested leave a comment there and/or contact me or Paul Sladen on Launchpad.
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